The Emotional Stages of Doing a Bikram Yoga Class Explained Through GIFS

Last night I did my first Bikram Yoga class in about 4 years and it was pretty much an emotional roller coaster. It went kind of like this:1. Excitement!! - All of theses thoughts were going through my head when I decided to do this. "One of my goals is to get more flexible this year!!! I'm going to sweat out about 37 pounds class. OMG, I'm going to be sooooooo zen and relaxed!!!!"...more

Bikram failure, hipster yoga and a sea of down dogs

It was about time I spread my yoga wings again....more

Sweating Like a Mother

I have always been athletic; I played every sport a girl could play in high school and I also played intramurals in college, though I’ll admit that this endeavor was more to forge out time to hang with the cute fraternity coaches than out of an undying love for, say, yardball. I was fortunate to have pregnancies wherein I gained a manageable amount of weight which my babies then proceeded to nurse off in the first few months. Overall, until I hit the big 4-0, I’ve been one of those lucky gals who didn’t need to fret about physique....more

What is Bikram Yoga?

I was ambushed by Bikram yoga. I had never heard of it in my life before my friend Charmie invited me to a class. I had run into her at a community pool where our kids were swimming together on a school holiday. Some of those heavily evangelistic churches should hire Charmie as a consultant. She's very persuasive. After talking with Charmie about Bikram yoga, I knew the following facts:1. Bikram yoga was healing Charmie's knees, which had been trashed by years of ballet.2. Bikram yoga is one of the few forms of exercise that is safe and beneficial to do every day....more

Hot Yoga :Part 2

Who would think that a class in hot yoga would be so traumatic? Cece is still recovering from that one and only class....more

Hot Yoga. Hot Body

Recently I’ve become obsessed with Hot yoga (also known as Bikram Yoga).  Wikepediadescribes Hot Yoga as yoga exercises performed in hot and humid temperatures.  I currently attend the Funky Buddah Yoga Hothouse in my city, but it seems intimidating to everyone I ask to join me.Did you know that hot yoga, aside from being the best hour and fifteen minutes of my day, has many health benefits?...more

The Smell of Papaya (Code for Stinky Feet)

My friend Grace, recently, gave me the gift of warmth, relaxation, and the smell of Papaya.  It was one of those gifts which you smile and kindly say, thank you!  But at the same time  thinking  - Dear God! You are going to make me self reflect in 90 minutes of silence doing  Bikram Yoga!  How can I get myself out of this? So after many weeks of procrastination and excuses, Grace wrangled me down and dragged me to our first Bikram Yoga class....more

Getting back to being me

I have now been to two yoga classes in two days. This is helping me so much, I knew all along it is what I needed. The calmness of mind that I get through yoga doesn't come to me so easily when I am not practising yoga. I would rather this than be struggling, people suggesting that to cope with my son I need to see a counsellor or take antidepresants. I have the energy to deal with his unusual ways, because I do something many people think is odd, yoga in a 110 fahrenheit room. ...more

THings are happening...

We had an unexpected visit today from social services who have assigned us a 'crisis team' to help get through all the problems we have been having with our son. Th emessages I had previously that we were not going to get any help were wrong! How dare they mess people around like this! But...this is a positive thing happening and I am not angry about the mix up, just, as I said 'bewildered'. ...more