When I Run For President...

I want Bill Clinton to talk about me at the Democratic National Convention. ...more

Degrees of Infidelity – Which is Worse?

(To see the photo of the cheaters' gallery see my blog: http://arollingcrone.blogspot.com/) I wrote this two days ago before Anthony Weiner confessed to his internet escapades, so have added a footnote about his now widely discussed degree of evil at the end of this post. The other evening over dinner, while talking with my husband and a woman friend, after pondering such gentlemen as Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I posed the (totally theoretical, you understand) question: What is the worst kind of cheating husband? ...more

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My Friday evening couldn’t have been more charmed!:-)...more

Men Behaving Badly

Men Behaving Badly: Life Lessons  The stories keep coming at us, with a common theme that can’t be ignored: Men behaving badly.  Eliot Spitzer, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, and let’s not forget (or excuse) Bill Clinton.  Yes, the women involved with these men don’t exactly get gold stars for morality, but they also haven’t upheld themselves as standard-bearers of the public trust.  To say nothing of family trust.  As these icky morality plays unfold – almost daily sometimes – I am shocked by how I’m not really shocked.  And neither are mo...more

Clinton's Arteries Top Arkansas Entertainment News

It's true. Former President Bill Clinton's clogged arteries gained him the top spot in entertainment archives in an Arkansas online news journal. What up? I can't think of anything entertaining about stents. Maybe they misread it as stunts. You know, like the President has a stunt double.  While he's out helping  Haiti rebuild from its devastating earthquake and helping end AIDS in foreign countries, his stunt double crawls in bed with Hillary every night. That would make sense....more

It all made me laugh, which means maybe Clinton's stents ARE entertainment? ;-)

~Denise ...more

Bill Clinton Hospitalized In New York City

ABC News reports former President Bill Clinton has been hospitalized in New York. // Emily Friedman reports Clinton was transported to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan for a condition related to his heart. ...more

I mean has anyone ever REALLY rested comfortably in a hospital? ... just ...more

Top Ten Reasons I Am Not A Racist, Part 2

For Part 1 of this post, which lays a foundation giving context for those who need clarification on meanings of the word "racism" and "racist," please click this link. So, given what happened recently in my state of Louisiana, the Justice of the Peace admitting he won't marry interracial couples and the words he used to defend his views, ...more

Your are so right and in regard to all of it,,, As i said to you in my email to you you are ...more

What conservatives fear most in the first 100 days

I have my own personal concerns about this topic, many of which match those of others, but I wanted to let some of these conservative bloggers and Twitterers speak out for themselves.  ...more


John F. Kennedy. Today is the anniversary of the event we never forget, the horrific tragedy in Dallas, a loss we all experienced as intensely as if this president had been a beloved family member. Kennedy's smile warmed the country; his death had us weeping as one. George W. Bush. He makes every day feel like the morning after. We ask, "How did this happen? What was I thinking? How much longer before he leaves?" Tears? For everything he's done. ...more