Why Does Social Media Want to Kill Woody Harrelson?

The news popped into my email box while I was on the phone with a friend.  "Oh," I cried out.  "Woody Harrelson is dead."  We spent a moment reflecting on the career of Woody Harrelson and talked about how sad it must be for his family.  After the phone call, I realized that it was strange that the same news hadn't popped up as a CNN or New York Times alert, so I Googled "Woody Harrelson" and found that nothing had been written about his death apart from social media.  Which is when I Googled "Woody Harrelson dead" and discovered the long-trending social media story declaring Woody Harrelson dead that won't die itself. Which begs the question: why does social media want to kill off Woody Harrelson? ...more
I saw the same thing with Morgan Freeman a couple days ago. more

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When You Were My Age- Ideas for Your Milestone Birthday or 50th Wedding Anniversary

Family Reunion Helper is excited to announce the release of their latest family reunion idea- “When You Were My Age”.   This exciting package is the perfect tool to helping you plan an 80th birthday party or 50th wedding celebration. The first time my family presented a “When You Were My Age” program was for an 80th birthday party and I spent hours and hours and hours and HOURS at several different library’s doing research, now thanks to the internet it just took hours and HOURS to do the research.  ...more

Father Knows Best: Images of Fathers in Popular Culture

Images of fathers surround us on television, in the movies, and through celebrity photography. Portrayals of good dads, bad dads, absent dads, well-meaning-but-feckless dads are everywhere. For Father's Day, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the iconic fathers who appear in popular culture. ...more

Liked it that you included Brad Pitt as himself, he's getting so much publicity with all these ...more