The Problem with Hollywood Father Figures

There is nothing quite like a good dad. We are interested in their stories, praise their body type, sing their praises in cheesy Instagram posts on their very own national holiday, and even use the term as a term of endearment for our favorite celebrities (dad AF, amiright?). ...more
Yes! Then I'm disappointed if the real does not live up to the character:)more

Why we don't tell until it is too late

“Everywhere in the world, they hurt little girls. “ Queen Cersei...more

Stop Calling Rape Victims 'Accusers'

The media needs to stop calling victims of rape and sexual assault "accusers''. It implies that there is no victim, but rather a shrill, angry, mean accuser who is victimizing the rapist. It is not done with any other crime. If you are robbed, killed, kidnapped or pick pocketed - you are a victim. Why is a rape victim an accuser? Why is the universally accepted legal language changed? In fact, it is the people of a state that accuses the defendant on behalf of the victim....more
No. As ugly a crime as rape is, in the United States the accused is innocent until proven ...more

It's a Tough Time for Bill Cosby Fans

A highly-respected local columnist is catching it on Facebook because of a piece he published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel entitled "This is the Bill Cosby I Know." The columnist, Eugene Kane, came to know Bill Cosby after criticizing him for one of his famous rants about 'all that is wrong about the black community.'...more

Oh, Bill Cosby ... It Just Never Occurred To Me

I am disgusted and repulsed and disappointed and furious and heartbroken over the news about Bill Cosby allegedly assaulting and/or raping the women who have come forward thus far.At the time of my writing, there are 16. SIXTEEN.But you know what? I’m more disgusted with the reason why I feel this way. I don’t know Bill Cosby. And yet, I feel let down. Betrayed, even. Ridiculous, isn’t it?...more

Rape. Let me break it down...

Imagine that I am a millionaire and you are not. One day we are out shopping and I don't have any cash or cards on me, so I ask you to give me £100 until later. You say no for whatever reason you want to imagine. I get angry that you refused my request, I am a millionaire after all! I could buy the whole damn shop if I wanted to! To punish you for saying no, I take your money. Financially I don't need it, but I'm teaching you a lesson for saying no - because I can. Besides, who would believe you, a pauper over me, a millionaire....more

Betty Fokker Versus the Misogynistic Twatwaffle

Okay, someone posted about Bill Cosby on Facebook, after which several other people and I wound up trying – using small words – to explain to a class act going by the moniker Viktor Spoilz the facts of the case. Poor Viktor didn’t seem to grasp the essentials and kept shrieking about “where were they before” (in the news, just no one bothered reporting it) and “why didn’t they do something then” (some of them tried but *surprise* were ignored or disbelieved). When facts weren’t going his way, he started name calling. ...more

Bill Cosby Doesn't Need To Speak

 Bill Cosby is a veteran, actor, comedian, activist, philanthropist, recording artist, television producer, author, husband and father. A man whose professional career was built on voice and language has been rendered speechless.Fourteen women have accused him of rape. Fourteen women have similar narratives that include being drugged and raped by him. Fourteen women can't be a coincidence....more

Bill Cosby: Rapist

When Andrea Constand filed a civil suit in March 2005 against Bill Cosby for sexually assaulting her, her “lawyers said they found 13 Jane Doe witnesses with similar stories.” Because Constand's suit was settled in November 2006 the Jane Does didn’t have a chance to speak in court, but that is more than a dozen women who said Bill Cosby raped them, too....more

Why Does Social Media Want to Kill Woody Harrelson?

The news popped into my email box while I was on the phone with a friend.  "Oh," I cried out.  "Woody Harrelson is dead."  We spent a moment reflecting on the career of Woody Harrelson and talked about how sad it must be for his family.  After the phone call, I realized that it was strange that the same news hadn't popped up as a CNN or New York Times alert, so I Googled "Woody Harrelson" and found that nothing had been written about his death apart from social media.  Which is when I Googled "Woody Harrelson dead" and discovered the long-trending social media story declaring Woody Harrelson dead that won't die itself. Which begs the question: why does social media want to kill off Woody Harrelson? ...more
I saw the same thing with Morgan Freeman a couple days ago. more