Rape Culture and the Misapplication of Power

One of the MANY heinous things about rape culture is its message about power. To be able to demand/force sex from someone IS power according to rape culture. Therefore, it should be no surprise that according to a:...more

Liberals Don't Own "Women's Rights"

My phone rings and a familiar voice from the other side of the country says: "I loved your blog post! I emailed it to all my girlfriends." I confessed that I didn't know if Republican women would dig it. In truth, it seemed to upset liberals more. "God forbid a Republican woman take a stand for women's rights," she said. ...more
You're on the right track girl! One of these days these obnoxious, hypocritical, liberal men ...more

Thoughtful Discussion & Working Together (There is more that unites us than divides us)

Dated 1/11/11 on Soapboxville I really like politics. I really do. And in a different world had I managed to go to college I’d probably have tried my hand at, at least running for city council....more

Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Maher: We Don't Care What Bloggers Have to Say

For years now, we've seen people entrenched in, married to, paid by or validated by old media attack new media, "those bloggers," Twitter, Facebook … the Internet in general. It's been fading lately as publishers especially have started to embrace and integrate new media into their publishing strategies. But there are still holdouts, many of whom seem not just ignorant but willfully ignorant. ...more
Bill who?more

Religulous among friends

I'm having the best day. I've gotten to spend the day with one of my bestfriends and got  to finally see Religulous. I would totally do naughty things to Bill Maher *drools* I did some major damage on the MAC website today. I got some much needed foundation, lipstick and eye shadows. I'm a lipstick whore LMAO I love the Mac Long wear pro or whatever it's called. Gotta have that kiss proof and everything else proof lipstick *wink* I spent part of yesterday clipping coupons. I have become a total coupon whore. I even got 2 FREE bottles of Suave lotion. ...more

Shoes vs. Bush and the End of Late Night Chuckles

It's possible, if you've been busy with holiday shopping and preparing to bid 2008 farewell, that you missed news footage of an Iraqi journalist hurling shoes at President George W. Bush during a news conference in Iraq Sunday. If you admire President Bush and possibly if you don't admire him but fully support reasonable decorum even in protest, the journalist's behavior may have appalled you: "How dare anyone throw anything at the President of the United States!" ...more

Hi, Mata.  CNN ...more

To whom much is given, much is expected. Dear Queen of Spain, I Still Don't Get It...

Original Post commenting on the HuffPost By Erin - Queen of Spain (http://blogspot.expectingexecutive.com/2007/10/10/dear-queen-of-spain-i-...) ...more

Grace, I am not bowing out. I need a few days off. I will love to visit and re-visit this. ...more

Bill Maher and His "New Rules" About Breastfeeding In Public

Seems like just this morning when I was saying that I had moved on from my recent breastfeeding kick and was all eco-focused these days. Then Bill Maher had to go and open his mouth and get me all riled up about breastfeeding again. A bit of irony for Mr. Maher too, as it looks as though he’s advocating that we drop “petty” pursuits such as breastfeeding activism in favor of more “worthy” causes such as the environment. Silly me, I didn’t realize that it was one or the other, but then again Mr. ...more