Does Homeschooling Need To Be Re-Branded?

Image source: week my Facebook feed was full of discussion about the "Big Debate" between Ken Hamm and Bill Nye.  They were discussing creationism vs....more

Dear Bill Nye, You Don't Get to Tell My Kids What to Believe

Dear Bill Nye, Growing up, watching Bill Nye the Science Guy was a treat. I learned a lot. It was cool. It was fun. It was educational. Just this past year, I was reminded of the awesomeness that was Bill Nye the Science Guy. I got excited. My little boys were almost old enough to watch! Probably just a year or two more before they can start really enjoying this show. Well, Bill, it's not gonna happen. You see, this mama just can't get behind you anymore....more
Okay, first of all, can I say, I didn’t make that video. I mean, I appear on it, but I didn’t ...more

(VIDEO) Bill Nye the Science Guy Is Becoming a Mythbuster (Sort of)

Bill Nye the Science Guy (it's just fun to say, and I have trouble referring to him just by his given name) may have retired his television series by the same name back in the late 90s, but he never gave up science. In fact, he's got a brand new gig, and I wonder if the Mythbusters know he's taking a page from their book. ...more

I love him. Not as much as TW loves him but still - deep deep love.

We saw him speak at the ...more