OOPS I Did it again!

So I promised myself I would treat myself better and not drink as much and pray more so I can be a better Christian. I drank... A LOT. Was really sick the entire next day. Whats worse is that I was so sick I couldn't go were I really wanted to go. To top it all off I was told I made out with a guy. ... WHY !!!!  Why do I do this to myself? Shouldn't I know that God loves me enough not to do this. I feel like a terrible horrible person who can never keep her  word.  GOD I want to serve you better yet I always let temptation get the best of me....more

The Denial is Not a River" Diet

Did you know that it is entirely possible to run a marathon in March, but by January be unable to sustain two miles at a non-embarassing pace?Did you know that you can eat upwards of 6,000 calories in a day and pretend that you don't feel full or sick?Are you aware that you can tell yourself lie after lie, like saying that you aren't weighing yourself because it messes with your head, when the truth is that  you don't want to be held accountable for your actions?...more