3 Surprising Negative Effects of Overeating

The obvious negative effects of overeating are extra weight and jeopardized health. Most people are well aware of these negative effects. But overeating affects so many other aspects of your life, too.  As a psychiatrist who has worked with overeaters for decades, I understand that if you’re an overeater, there is so much more at stake than just your weight. ...more

How I'm Recovering

I’ ...more
I just came upon your article and I'm very grateful for it - I very much relate to it and I ...more

Overcoming binging.

Binging is a disorder that is usually a result of first denying yourself and then going on a spree of eating or drinking. Binging realtes mostly to either binge eating or binge drinking and is a fairly common disorder that is well known to most dieters. ...more

10 ways to avoid Binge Eating

Have you ever felt this way about food? “It soothes the physical body killing me ever so slowly.” For many, the comfort factor of food has a way of making its way into our very souls. When feeling stressed, we turn to food. When feeling troubled, we turn to food. When feeling anxious, we turn to food. And even when we feel happy, we turn to food. ...more