Step up your coffee to organic, fair trade, and fabulous!

I recently had the opportunity to try some delicious organic, fair trade coffee from Larry's Beans....more

Earth Promise: Cargo Bins Are Not Just For Cargo Anymore

Recycled cargo containers, container homes, repurposed bulk-containers, steel shipping container architecture—no matter what lingo is used, this is the moderately new green alternative for an affordable and nearly indestructible home or office.  The skyrocketing cost of constructing/designing residential and office spaces has forced architects to think differently.  They need to not only alter their thinking about the design process, but the technique by which the project is constructed. ...more

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Earth Promise: How Green is Your Grocery Purchasing Thought Process?

Think about it: you are grocery shopping and are deciding between your conventional-brand detergent and an environmentally friendly brand. ...more

Reduce Dishwashing, Grow a Better Garden, and Reduce Your Trash-- All at Once

Anybody that has either: has children who seem to make the number of dishes in your sink quadruple, loathes doing dishes day after day, or is currently buying plastic cups for whatever reason (and feels even a little bit guilty for clogging landfills to save a few minutes of time) -- have I found something for you. My laziness and aversion to doing dishes has paid off for both of us.   ...more

Garment Care - The Environmental Choice

Beware of Dry Cleaning. Though the industry is much-improved since 1992, there is still a high likelihood that your trusty corner cleaner uses tetrachloroethylene, a known carcinogen. See if there is a local green cleaner employing “wet cleaning” or liquid CO2 techniques. Many articles whose tags ask for the dry clean treatment can actually be hand washed, especially silk, wool and linen. READ MORE ...more