Cultivating Women’s Leadership with Bioneers co-founder, Nina Simons

Nina Simons is one of those rare teachers who encourages and emboldens at the same time that she inspires curiosity about the topics of service, gender, and leading from the heart. She speaks here about the importance of collaboration between women (and between men and women) as we all strive to reinvent a model of leadership that can help steward the current changes taking place on our planet. “Liberate your own capacity,” she suggests “and get out of your own way!”...more

The Path to Survival: Relocalization, Water Conservation and Heirloom Preservation

Thanks to a referral from fellow BlogHer, Tara Hunt, I had the opportunity to fill in for a panelist at the Bioneers Conference yesterday--an annual meeting of environmental and social justice activists. For me, the highlight of the day was hearing Winona LaDuke's talk, "Seeds the Creator Gave Us." ...more

Eclectic: A Broad and Diverse Range of Sources

This week's look around the net revealed an eclectic assortment of interesting items. Bioneers began working on environmental, economic and social issues in the 1990s. Over 3000 people now attend the annual Bioneers Conference with another 7000 participating via satellite. This year's conference will be in San Rafael, California, Oct. 19-21. Of 16 plenary speakers for this year, nine are women. ...more

I thought the link to every candidate's web site and the full description of each candidate's ...more