People Like Richard Cohen Make Me Want to Barf

Making the rounds on my Facebook timeline today is a story about how biracial families make Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen “want to puke.” Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's inauguration, January 1, 2010, Image Credit: Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, via Flickr...more
Grace Hwang LynchGrace, except for the fact that he is such a weasel, that statement would ...more

Let's Talk About Race.

I’m only going to talk about this once. I’m not one to get sucked into debates. Mostly, it’s because I don’t really care about your opinion or trying to change it. I believe what I believe. You are more than welcome to go on believing whatever it is you do and as long as you don’t bother me, I promise to not bother you. This, is how I live my life. It’s a shame that others don’t. I’m so sick of people (mostly Black) who feel like they can come up to me and comment on my family....more

Things My Kids Say (And Why I Was Speechless)

So my kids say some pretty funny things sometimes.This morning, after my toddler woke up and I had removed her overnight pull-up but hadn't yet clothed her, she pops up and says, "Ha ha! I'm make-ed!" And then proceeded to dance around the room, wearing nothing but what she was born in, and sings, "Do do do do do-do... HA HA - I'm make-ed!"...more