8 Steps to Becoming a Crazy Bird Lady

The sun is shining on a chilly spring day. A breeze cuts through tall grasses as 15-year-old me tromps through the wetlands on a school field trip. I am utterly miserable....more
HennaByKelly Yes! Such a simple joy. :)more

Flipping Off the Voice of Doubt in My Head

Philip is a terrible bird watcher. While the rest of the group advances along the path, my son plops down in the middle of the trail to play with rocks. ...more
BlogHer Oh, how beautiful! Kids teach us to never loose the sense of wonder.more

Spring Treat: Hummingbird Cam

I always think of Spring as a time to treat myself and my loved ones to something new in celebration of the season of renewal.  Well, I've found my treat, ah, addiction this year over at Melissa Crytzer Fry’s What I Saw… blog watching her Hummie Cam.  She set a camera up to record the hummingbird nest in her breezeway.   ...more
@Linda Anselmi One of my brothers (his has passed now) was approached by a hummingbird that was ...more

Our Life List of Birds...

http://buzzmills.typepad.com/blog/2013/01/life-list-of-birds.htmlHave you seen the movie "The Big Year"?  We just watched it about a month ago thanks to the recommendation of my mother-in-law. What is it about?  A bunch of birders on a quest to find more birds than the next person in one calendar year.  Sounds a bit like a nerdy, birder movie doesn't it?  Well, then you add in Owen Wilson, Steve Martin and Jack Black and you've got a cute, funny little movie. ...more

Mid-Week Happenings

Complete randomness.Sometimes I wish that some weeks were 3 days or 11 days or 6 days on the calender. Just for a little variety.Do you ever look at the calender and say, "Oh, it's Wednesday again. It seems like it was just Wednesday a few days ago"? I seem to do that far too much. Not good because lately it seems to be out of monotony. Not that sameness is bad because at least I know what's coming but change is good as well....more

Views From My Hammock

Views from my hammock! ...more

Weekend Fun

  Do you see that! That would be pollen I've written Jill Of All Trades in....more

Bird Watching and Shooting

So as you already know, last weekend I went to Somerset to visit Andy 'Poops' Cooper, his wifey type person, Chris, and their three kids (twins, and a toddler). After witnessing at close quarters the mayhem that three young children can create (four if you include Izzy), I was in awe of Poops when on Saturday he suggested that we all go out for a trip. "Blimey, you're brave - like the last of the Mohicans except you are battling babies - are you sure you want to take then out?" I asked, "what did you fancy doing?" ...more

Tweet, tweet! It's Time for The Great Backyard Bird Count!

Grab your binoculars! Stock the feeders! This weekend is for the birds!...more
Is this just a us count? Birds are disappearing all over the UK.http://shardpubs.blogspot.com/more

Cornell's Feeder Watch

 A Canadian Goose asks,"Are you familiar with theCornell Lab of Ornithology?...located in Ithaca, New York?...the world renown Lab of Ornithologyat Cornell University?" ...more
Hi there, Virginia! Thank you for going to my web site. I l love having company over. I am also ...more