5 Reasons I’m Unqualified to Teach My Preschooler about Her Private Parts

I recently read a blog post about how important it is to teach toddlers about their body parts. Apparently, simply knowing the correct words for male and female genitals deters predators who know that these children will be more able to report being touched inappropriately. Cut to me sweating profusely. My daughter is almost four, and unless "front hiney" and "back hiney" are the scientific words for the female anatomy, I think I might have failed here. ...more
So funny and so true. I need to have that talk soon with my 4 year old...and am dreading it. At ...more

Birds and Bees... on the Playground?

I think for a majority of us who grew up with parents that didn't explain sex early on, there is one person we remember as being the one who told us about sex.  Since most people are in school around the time puberty hits, that conversation usually happens as snippets told by an older, 'wiser' child on the playground or schoolbus....more

That Feeling When Your Kid Asks You About Sex For The First Time

I consider myself a pretty highly educated, open-minded, worldly kind of "sex is a natural part of life" person, but I was unprepared to have the sex talk with my kid at this age. I covered the high points, leaving out the part about fluid exchange, and released a completing sigh of relief. I intended that sound to signal an unspoken "the end" but unfortunately, my daughter is a keen listener with an inquisitive mind and an attorney for a mother. She queried, "So how exactly how do those little swimmers get inside the woman?" ...more
@WittyLittleSecret  You have a great way of capturing the surprising human moments, and the ...more

Ballet, Birth Order, The Birds and The Bees

This is my first entry in 6+ months. I’ve been busy doing the same thing every other mompreneur has been doing, being with my family, trying to work (in my case start a new business as a portrait photographer) and keep everything together. Regardless of my varying degrees of success, life is great and my kids are a blast. My dear friend and college buddy, Super Mom, inspired this post......more

Mommy, What is Sex?

Mommy, What is Sex? Since I mentioned "sex" in my last blog about Myles and Me, I almost diverted to tell a little story about Meg...but I decided it needs to be a different blog. If you are a parent, you know this subject of the Birds and Bees is one that will come up sooner or later. For me it was sooner than I expected! ...more

Dora and her Va Jay Jay

* WARNING: THIS BLOG ENTRY CONTAINS REFERENCES TO THE HUMAN (MOSTLY MALE) ANATOMY. IF YOU OR YOUR SENSES ARE OFFENDED BY SUCH, STOP READING NOW. I MEAN IT. SERIOUSLY. STOP. HERE GOES....  Dora: Hey mommy! Where’s MY penuhs? Me: Peanuts, honey? I don’t think we have any peanuts. I have some cashews. How about a healthy apple? DON’T EAT OFF THE FLOOR!. ...more