Birks, Baby.

The 90′s are back– or did they ever leave? All I know is the Backstreet Boys are still touring (love!) and you can now find Birkenstocks on every department store shelf....more

never been hipper ya'll

as you know from previous posts (and general ramblings and mentions) the ‘new car’ thought is never far from my mind. and i’ve even toyed, semi seriously, about a mini-van. anyone who has one tells you it’s the best thing they ever did. mainly because it’s true, but partially because they’re wondering what happened to that flirty twenty something now wearing a turtleneck, covered in juicey juice and goldfish crumbs driving an egg on wheels. come on, you know i’m right....more

College Grads ~ Ready, Set, Shop for your Career Wardrobes ~ Decisions, Decisions ~ Have you heard of Infinity Shoes?

I was an Uptown Girl before there were Uptown Girls. When I was younger, I worked in the Insurance City in Hartford. My BFF from the office and I would take extended lunches, and cruise the best-high end department store in the city, all 11 floors of it on our lunch ‘hour.’ I was Imelda before she was known for her shoe fetish. (Read More) ...more