The 33rd Annual Houston Chronicle Best Dressed Luncheon and Neiman Marcus Fashion presentation benefiting the March of Dimes

Today marked the 33rd Annual Houston Chronical Luncheon and Neiman Marcus Fashion Presentation, benefiting the March of Dimes; in which was chaired by Rosemary Schatzman. I had the pleasure of asking a few questions to better acquaint myself with the mission, purpose and overall goals of the organization....more

Should You Let Your Kids Watch Your Next Birth?

I got into hot topic conversation on Facebook this week. It started as me truthfully answering a friend's curiosity question. And while I would usually leave it at that, or offer clarity/details if necessary, I got sucked in to the conversation because it was something I am so passionate about. My friend is expecting her third child and planning her third homebirth. She wrote: "When I tell people I might have my kids at my homebirth, they react one of three ways: 1) whatever. 2) it's too traumatic and scary. 3) it's too distracting for mom. 4) it's inappropriate. Just curious, what do you think?" What do I think? ...more
CaroleMcKee I completely disagree that birth is an adult thing, it is a life event just as death ...more

Birth Matters, but It Isn’t Everything.

Birth Matters.33% of babies are born via cesarean section. In some areas, that number creeps as high as 45%.66% of women who have a vaginal birth receive epidural anesthesia during labor; in some areas, that number is closer to 78%. Individual hospitals report rates as high as 95%....more

Why I'm Proud of My C-Section

I gave birth to two healthy (but premature) girls in July 2014. Throughout my pregnancy, I always knew in the back of my mind that I wanted a c-section. See, I'm in the super tiny group that actually had no desire to push. And when I was asked about my "birth plan" (what's that?) I always shyly, and almost embarrassingly apologetical, murmured that I wanted a dreaded c-section.  I've come across some interesting phenomenen while being pregnant - and part of that was the belief that "super moms" vaginally gave birth and c-sections were a big no-no....more

Picture Yourself A Mother

The two best days of my life, hands down, were the days I gave birth.  There is nothing I've yet experienced that even comes close for the drama, the energy, the fun, and the sense of being in the vortex of a force so powerful.  Yes, it was painful, there were problems and complications.  There were needles, anxiety, and strong medicine and it was really, really messy - but still.  I have never felt closer to the divine, or done anything cooler, than I did on those two days....more
Thanks for sharing this! It was a fun interview. :)more

Sex Day!!! (Finding Out)

It’s 4:23AM on Thursday, November 20th 2014 and Lynette comes back to bed after a “nervous poop”.  I’m as jealous as a pearl-less oyster.  When I’m nervous I lock up as though my bowels are a series of dry ropes and rusty wrenches.I go into the bathroom and eventually drop one single, simple and sad musket ball and when I get up I realize that I’ve been on the toilet for much too long.  I’m the newborn shaky-legged deer on pins and needles feet....more

Crossing the Line: Pregnancy Style

As soon as you start showing a baby bump......people cross the line. They feel a certain need to ask you questions that really don't matter. It's like a right of passage to motherhood.....Because I try to be a nice person and make Jesus proud, I rarely tell them what I'm thinking. One day, I'll probably snap. ...more

NaBloPoMo Day 2 - The Second One

 I started off life as a journalist.  Writing about what happened to other people.  Taking photos of happened to other people....more

{a rant} why we need to stop mom-bullying

soooo, i came across an article this week {this article} where the mother is talking about why she bottlefeeds her baby, and along with the bottlefeeding, the judgement she has received far and wide {including via internet} on that decision. in her case, it wasn’t really a decision....more

Just Like It Was Yesterday!

On November 7, 2013, I went into labor with Bambino.  It was about 3.30a when the first real contractions started.  I waited for an hour like the doctors suggested to see if the contractions are real by timing there frequency.  When the contractions started coming about two minutes apart, I knew this was the real deal and it was time for me to go to the hospital.  I woke up my husband and told him that I think it was time.  My contractions seem different the second time around because it didn't seem that painful than the first time.  It was about four fort...more