Empowering Birth Books?

When I was planning my birth, I found myself pulled between two worlds. The mainstream narrative of childbirth was a world where technology triumphs over trusting your instincts. It left me feeling helpless and I needed a way of understanding what my body was capable of. For me, the books listed below took me to another world, highlighting the power and simplicity in natural birth. Page by page they re-framed birth for me, gave me the self-belief to feel positive about planning a homebirth and the courage to advocate for the kind of birth I wanted. ...more

Real Talk: Recovering From Birth

The thought of birth and the delivery process is a lot to take in. Your lady bits are going to do something pretty amazing, like pushing out a tiny human being, but in order to do that you’ll be pushing (quite literally) yourself with every fiber of your being leaving your body exhausted, swollen, and in pain. Luckily the care you’ll receive by your doctor(s) and nurses are on point and will make this transition from delivery to recovery much easier....more

The Shower, PTSD, And My Traumatic Labor

I don’t have all the answers. Some days, I feel like I don’t have any answers. Content notice: PTSD, pregnancy, birth The baby, a soft, squishy newborn, was asleep in the very center of our huge bed. My wife was sitting near him, either checking Facebook or watching him breathe, depending on her mood. I went into the master bath to take a shower....more

My Labor And Birth Didn't Go As Planned — And No, I'm Not 'Over' It

I don’t have to be thankful just because things didn’t end tragically.[Content notice: birth, birth injury resulting in PTSD, mentions of pregnancy loss]My youngest son just turned 4. He’s a fiery spitball of a kid, smart as a whip, sweet as can be, and (sometimes) a real pest.My pregnancy with him was miserable. And I don’t mean Oh, I am really irritated that my ankles are swollen/my back hurts/I’m nauseated miserable....more

This Baby Live Tweeted His Own Birth

Labor is an interesting experience. There is a lot of discomfort/pain, anticipation, anxiety, and complete elation. My second child's birth was a pretty drama-free experience, as it was short (9 hours), mostly pain-free (thank you, epidural), and fairly routine (three pushes... and pop!). All that being said, nine hours with little to no feeling in your lower half and nothing but anticipation for what's to come can make time move pretty slow. ...more

Why I am the Postpartum Doula For You!

You may have already heard the exciting news! I am working with the Iowa Doula Agency as a postpartum doula!...more

First Moments of Motherhood Captured in 35 Powerful and Unique Images

This is the moment.The moment I experienced a miracle- bringing life into the world and meeting my daughter for the first time. The nursing staff were still rushing around and the tears were streaming down my face. I was completely oblivious to the doctor stitching me up. I did not care about anything else at that moment. ...more

What Giving Birth Really Feels Like, According to 25 Moms of Facebook

There really are no words to describe what giving birth feels like. I can compare it to lots of different sensations and emotions, but you can’t truly understand what giving birth feels like unless you actually experience it. ...more

37 Year Old Grammy

  Over the last couple years my life has changed drastically. My daughter, who I call "The Child," left the nest. I got married for the first time. I became an aunt—twice. I had a major unplanned surgery which was hard emotionally and physically. Bought a house. Sold a house. Changed jobs. Had other health issues. Started a business.And most recently, 6 weeks ago, my grandson arrived. I am a grandmother. I repeat. I’m a 37-year-old GRANDMOTHER....more

Postpartum Confession | My Story: Jacalyn Scott

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be pregnant and be mom. I couldn't wait to have a bump and after we miscarried our first baby at 7 weeks, we were delighted to find out we were expecting again just a month later. My pregnancy had a few scares but was rather uneventful! I delivered my beautiful baby boy March 19th, 2015 at 41 weeks after 25 hours of labor. We were able to take our little boy home on March 21st....more