Excessive Bleeding is a Warning Sign: Mirena IUD

Excessive Bleeding is a Warning SignThe IUD is a form of reversible birth control  and one of the most popular worldwide with almost 150 million users. Mirena must be placed by a medical provider and usually costs between $700-$1200. It contains the hormone Levonorgestrel and has the opposite effects as our own progesterone (which only makes sense really given that progesterone is often called the ‘pregnancy hormone’)....more

Mirena IUD Dangerous Side Effects you Need to Watch For

Bayer Pharmaceuticals make an IUD called “Mirena”. This popular form of birth control has been under fire for the dangerous side effects it is causing. Thousands of lawsuits are pending litigation. Among the many claims of the victims, Bayer is accused of intentionally selling a dangerous product, deceptive advertising and concealing the risk of complications....more

Why "The Pill" Can Cause Sexual Pain in Some Women

After having pretty normal sex in my early 20s, orgasms and all, I got married and started on birth control pills. Shortly after this I developed severe Provoked Vestibulodynia (PVD) which is a long name for a burning pain in the genital region during and after sex.  During the 1980s PVD was thought to be because women didn’t like sex, now we know that hormonal birth control like the Pill can increase a woman’s chance of developing PVD by 4 to 11 times!...more

Real Talk: Your Period, Birth Control and Your Bones

Did you know that there are more than 50 different kinds of birth control pills, and even more methods of birth control? So many options, so many factors to consider! But, along with all the different side effects of birth control, many women rarely consider the nutritional consequences of the various methods. Unfortunately, depending on the method, there may be bone health consequences (decreased bone density can lead to osteoporosis and fractures later in life), weight effects, or medication interactions....more

Iran Was Too Good At Birth Control And It Backfired

Last week, Iran’s parliament approved a ban on permanent birth control and birth control advertising. The ban includes vasectomies and similar women’s surgeries, and doctors who carry out these procedures will face arrest. The passage of the bill was covered in the West with the usual tongue-in-cheek style reserved for times when a Middle Eastern country behaves in exactly the way the dominant Western narrative dictates it should. But in the case of Iran’s permanent birth control ban, the simplification is a staggering example of modern Orientalism....more

You're in for a surprise if you picked your partner while on the pill

Over half of women who use hormonal contraceptives do so in their mate selection years, between 16 to 34 years of age. But the pill can change how a woman “sees” the world and interfere with our biologic and instinctual ability to choose the man with the best genes for our future children....more
lexismonroe Thanks! I too have been surprised by the lack of interest by our health research ...more

What to Expect When Coming Off the Pill

The Pill has been used as a female contraceptive since 1960.  It is currently used by approximately 150 million women worldwide, and is one of the most popular and well-known prescription medications....more

Buffer Zones and Birth Control

This post has been clawing at my brain. Have you ever delayed writing something because you know it’s going to make you feel all the feels and then you’ll need a stiff drink and to kick about 27 dogs? (I would never kick a dog. Well, I did once but it was loose and charging my baby in his stroller…that dog got it right in the ribs.) What I mean to say is I would like to kick several Supreme Court Justices. Right now. I would totally kick at least five in the ass....more

Supreme Court gets it wrong in denying women birth control in private US companies like Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court gets it wrong when five men make the majority and in a landmark case denies birth control for women who work for some US companies like Hobby Lobby. Don't shop there. And in the midterm elections vote more women into office so that this decision gets struck down.In a world of 7 billion people why would anyone want to prevent a woman from getting birth control if she so chooses? How can five men on the Supreme Court have the audousity to take choice away from women.  How sexist.Stop shopping at Hobby Lobby....more