The Best Ways To Avoid Getting Pregnant

If you're a bit on the promiscuous side, but don't want to deal with the after effects (having a baby) then you should take some preventative measures. A baby will force you to make some drastic changes in your life, and you might not be quite ready to take on such a big responsibility. Check out these five methods on how to still have fun, yet avoid pregnancy.1) Condoms...more

Should Birth Control Pills Be Low Cost or Free?

Sometimes the news cycle can feel a bit like deja vu all over again. Back in the 60s when it was first invented, The Pill was fodder for all manner of contentious news articles, protests and hyperbole. It was either going to lead to the downfall of society or the emancipation of women. Strange -- it's over 50 years later, and neither one of these scenarios has come true entirely....more
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The Birth Control Pill Helps Women

Birth Control Pill Use Increased

"Hey Mom, can I take the car?  Do you have an extra $10 you can loan me?"  These are typical questions you might here from your teen, right?  What's not typical is for them to also ask, "Oh, and by the way, can I have sex tonight?"...more

(BLOGHER OPEN DEBATE) Should Birth Control be Free?

What if you didn't have to pay each month for birth control? What if birth control pills were free to every insurance-holder in America? The New York Times reported today on a possible change in the way birth control is handled by insurance companies. ...more
I think that all birth control: condoms, IUDs, the pill, etc., should be covered 100% by health ...more

I Have changed my brith control 3 times in the last 9 months....please help!

For the last 9 months I have been struggling with what birth control would be best for me. I have changed my birth control 3 times now since then! I had started out on the pill, then moved to the ring and now I am on the shot. It seems that each time I have changed my birth control, my sex drive has gone down!...more

cut down on the stress, that can affect your sex drive. and a healthier and way better option is ...more

Should Women Skip Periods? To Bleed or Not To Bleed


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New Study Out on Prenatal and Multi-vitamins During Pregnancy

I'm a generally fit and healthy person but I'm never as conscious about my health as I am when I'm pregnant or planning a future pregnancy. For example, I was on prenatal vitamins 6 months before I even went off my birth control pills. Every time I went to my pharmacy to get both prescriptions filled my pharmacist felt the need to explain that the prenatal vitamin was for a healthy pregnancy and the birth control pill was to avoid pregnancy. He would then ask if I was certain I wanted both. He just didn't get it. ...more

Birth Control Pills for Sixth Graders?

When TW asked me whether I thought sixth graders should be able to acquire birth control pills at school, I said it seemed a little young to me. But as soon as I said it, I changed my mind. Now that I've read the story, Maine Middle School to Offer Birth Control, I'm glad I changed my mind. ...more

Sixth graders are having sex. Hell, I know a few. (I'm in high ...more