Parenting: So You Want to Know About Flavored Condoms?

As we walked past classroom doors where dedicated teachers still labored over tomorrow's lesson plan and yesterday's papers, my son asked me, his voice loud and clear as a bell: "Is it true that there are FLAVORED condoms?" One thing a future parent does not particularly imagine for oneself when fantasizing about their future lifetime with their growing child is their role as a sex educator. If we did imagine this, it would really put a damper on the baby-making, I think. ...more
 @CGoforth So true. Less education just doesn't mean less teen sex. Ever. And yet we are still ...more

8 Miles Wide

  The first time I saw this video I was sitting in a pub with some other Scrooge! cast members after a show. One of the young women whose crotch is shown here, ran over and stuck one ear bud in my ear and the other in the ear of a friend, handed us her phone and said, "Here....more

Birth Control Heats Up As A National Issue--But Where Are the Women?

It’s time for a birth control lesson, ladies. Are you with me? ...more
I never know whether to laugh or cry when I read about the insane statements made by ...more

Beyond the Birds and Bees: Teenage Pregnancy

Came across an article about Jamie Lynn Spears today that she did for Glamour magazine just ahead of her 21st birthday in April. Remember Jamie Lynn?...more
I absolutely refuse to ever use the word ruined. My life in the wake of my pregnancy with my ...more

Birth Control Options When Childbearing is Over

The older you get, the more you know, right?In most cases, yes, but in terms of contraception, it’s a different story. Some women think that after they turn 40, getting pregnant is no longer a concern.The truth is…if you can get a period – no matter how erratic your cycle is – you can get pregnant. The odds clearly decrease with age, but it can and does happen.So, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your method of birth control....more


I recently switched birth control methods, because I’ve heard that the pill can cause a noticeable reduction in sex drive and I’ve probably had less sex in the first two years of marriage than most people have in the first six months. So I am really hoping (especially for the sake of my very horny husband) that getting the pill out of my system will help me amp up my libido and be more excited, more often, about sex....more

The Girl Who Was Too Cool for Birth Control

The question any writer and editor should ask herself or himself is "how helpful is this information?" It is true that humor makes it easier to discuss topics that are difficult or boring, and that casual writing styles and irreverent attitudes help readers feel like the writer is speaking with them as opposed to lecturing them, but we can't allow the allure of page views to cloud our judgment. ...more
Health care and social media struggle with this issue all the time -- people's opinions written ...more

Women at Risk of Unplanned Pregnancies Following Recall of 1.4 Million Birth Control Pills

Here are ConsumerBell we are a group of mostly females. This recall recently hit our desk so we thought we would share:Women are at risk of unwanted pregnancies after a packaging error on Qualitest Pharmaceuticals contraceptives; the error prompted the company to announce a recall this week of several of its medications....more
Hello. I'm trying to spread the word about the Qualitest Pharmaceuticals recall of 1.2 million ...more

Birth Control: Alternatives to The Pill

Almost three years ago I watched my first Mark Driscoll sermon, called Birth Control. At the time I was single, with no prospective love interest, and had no intention of requiring birth control for a long long time. Three years later: I'm married, and this sermon has truly impacted my life. ...more