One Step Closer to Free Birth Control in a Troubled Economy

The Guttmacher Institute, a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing sexual and reproductive health in the United States and worldwide through research, policy analysis and public education, recently did the study, “A Real-Time Look at the Impact of the Recession on Women’s Family Planning and Pr...more

Teen Pregnancy

I've been doing a lot of talks recently on Teen Pregnancy.  The good news is that teen pregnancy rates are on the decline.  It's one of those statistics that I'm happy to see.  The last reported number was 39.1 per 1,000 teens.  Back in the 70's and early 80's it was almost 3 times as high.  Despite what you might think from looking at the tabloids that feature the teen moms who are currently on the reality show circuit, most teen moms are struggling.  ...more

"I think we as parents and as health educators are doing a good job. The availability of ...more

Options for Non-Surgical Permanent Birth Control

When it comes to considering permanent birth control, the conversation usually goes to tubal ligation. However, there are two non-surgical options that are worth considering: Essure and Adiana....more

The Birth Control Pill Debate

Ok, I am sure you are curious about the title of this post, so here you go! I have been on birth control pills since I started college for reasons not even related to birth control. I had horrible cramps and acne, and it seemed to help for awhile. Over the years I have been on 5, yes 5 different birth control pills. I switched so often because they would give me emotional problems like anxiety, moodiness, and I would be just plain mean sometimes. Anyway, my most recent pill I have been on maybe 3 years, is Yaz. I am sure you have seen the TV commercials saying it is dangerous, etc. etc. ...more

This is a great post! I was on BC pills from 2005 until Aug 2010. In Aug 2010 I took myself off ...more

The Last Blue Pill

Well, here it is, folks. The last birth control pill I will take in a very, very long time. Maybe ever. Looks pretty innocent, doesn't it? One little tiny pill that has been (theoretically) preventing me from getting pregnant for years and years. Last Sunday was the first night in almost eight years that I didn't take a pill....more
I am going through the same dilemma. I am 28, now I want to get pregnant, tried last month and ...more

The Growing Options for Birth Control & Threats to Access

According to Claire Brindis, co-founder of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco, “Pills, condoms, IUDs have long been the traditional method of contraception.” There are also female condoms, diaphragms, and cervical caps....more

Thanks, BCriswell--Repro rights are not the "fat" but abortion opponents will try to get in any ...more

Want to Go to Paris? Don't Have a Kid.

Commericials are so ridiculous in general that the one I saw last night hardly even bears mention, but it stuck with me, not only for it's blatant exclusionary tactics (which, in a commercial, where your audience is women, and a large percentage of that audience, would, by nature of things, have children, can't be a particularly clever thing to do), but also for its sheer length.So, after my babies were tucked away in their beds, most definitely not sleeping, laughter and shouts erupting from the room every few minutes, and every few minutes more, a plantiff plea: "Mommy?  Mooo...more

The other side of the story: Why Men Should be Depressed

 For all of the benefits of being a man, there are certainly some drawbacks......more

(VIDEOS) The Pence Amendment and Planned Parenthood: Do More Than Sign a Petition

You might feel outnumbered (though you are actually in the majority), or that you don’t have the money or mainstream media access to be effective. So you must use what you've got, and believe me when I tell you that the resources you need are always there if you can see them and have the courage to use them. ...more
@NewWomanOrder "New Woman Order" really? I mean its a clever take on the NWO but. is that what ...more