New FC2 Female Condom Available in the U.S.

A form of contraception talked less about is the female condom.  A new version of the female condom has just been approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. A female condom is a flexible plastic tube worn inside the vagina. A soft ring at the closed end of the tube covers the cervix during intercourse and holds it inside the vagina....more

If women were able to use condoms without consulting a man, maybe we'll see lower rates of HIV ...more

The Science of Kissing: Could the Pill Be at Fault For Your Bad Taste in Guys?

Opposites attract, goes the saying, and we all know about those sayings. With one exception: That of the major histocompatibility complex, or MHC, the group of genes that determines how our immune systems will deal with disease. In short, the more diverse your MHC, the better your chances of fighting off viruses, bacteria and other intruders. All of us inherit your MHC variations through your parents, who, while they didn’t quite sequence one another’s DNA before deciding to start a family, did -- however unknowingly -- biologically select for a distinct MHC type during courtship. ...more

I stopped taking the pill when I became engaged to my husband and relied on barrier birth ...more

Under Pressure

For a while this past spring, I decided I was okay with the idea of having another baby. I wanted Emerson to have a sibling, a playmate, and to learn how to share and work together and have patience with a little brother or sister. And then that feeling passed. ...more

About five years ago, before we were married, my husband and I agreed we only wanted one child. ...more

Can Your Hormone Creams Give Your Guy, Your Child, Or Your Cat Boobs?

Ever since the data from the Women’s Health Initiative demonstrated the risks of taking the synthetic hormones PremPro and Premarin, the use of topical hormones, especially compounded bio-identical hormone creams popularized by people like Suzanne Somers, have surged. ...more

Thank you for putting this out there for the general public. It is certain that many people are ...more

Does your teen have an STD? The stats continue to worsen.

Last night, while posting my "hellos" on Facebook, I noticed someone I knew is dating someone I KNOW has an STD. Since I know both people, the alarms in my head warned me that drama could ensue. Ignoring the worry I could lose a friend, I picked up the phone. After all, this young lady could end up with an STD and I had the power to speak up. And so I did. The two involved, just out of their teen years, are like many young people today. You'd never suspect an STD, but that's what 1 in 4 have....more

Should Birth Control Pills Be Sold Over-The-Counter?

Is it time to start selling birth control pills over-the-counter (OTC)? The easy answer is, yes.  But is it really an easy question to answer? No. Remember, we are living in a country where many parents are still against condoms being available to students, and where many schools are teaching abstinence only in place of sex-ed classes....more

I agree with you completely. Excellent, well written article. more

Getting off the Pills


Birth Control why are you trying to kill me...

The "Financial Abortion" Option for Men

I learned about "financial abortions" -- an upfront statement from a guy to his partner that says he doesn't want a kid and therefore, if she gets knocked up, she can't hold him financially responsible -- in an article that made me slap my head. ...more
"The flip side of the coin is how does this actually help anyone but irresponsible men?" One can ...more

So we've been warned of what may happen to us when we START birth about coming OFF of birth control?

As you may have noticed, the post before this one was all about my overly emotional state lately. While I do feel super full of love, getting overly emotional all the time has its draw backs… and while somewhat funny, it’s also a little irritating and concerning. I spent a majority of yesterday sitting here with my heart pounding and concentrating on breathing correctly, and a majority of it feeling really dizzy. Not so funny. This morning, being Wednesday, it was Nick and I’s morning date day. At around 6 something he tried to wake me up....more