Would You Buy Condoms for Your Kids?

It’s a question I have been struggling with, along with all the other questions that go along with it. Sex education, contraceptives and my offspring. Oy. ...more
Yes. If my child asked for condoms, I would buy them, making sure to have a discussion about ...more

Would you buy condoms for your kids?

It’s a question I have been struggling with along with all the other questions that go along with it.Sex education, contraceptives, and my offspring.Oy.My boys are *almost* 14 and 11.  (Since little Butterlump just turned one and I am already having screaming nightmares about my older boys becoming teenage fathers who have every STD known to man, let’s just leave him out of this particular discussion for now, m’kay?)...more

The Latest on Teen Birth Control

The National Survey on Family Growth has just come out with some stats for data collected between 2006-2008....more

All that Yaz: Should We Get Rid of Birth Control Pills?

When it was introduced, Yasmin (and its sidekick, Yaz) was not just a birth control pill, but a girl's best friend. I mean, other pills have clinical names, like Necon 7/7/7 (my pill) or Lo-Ovral (my former pill) or Ortho TriCyclen (my former former pill) or Alesse (my former former former pill), so it's clear that they are just medicines. I didn't think I was going to hang out and talk about boys with Lo-Ovral, but I might with Yaz. Yaz is a person's name. It's kicky. I can trust my friend Yaz. ...more

They are actually extremely nice. It hurt for maybe 2 days but it is so nice for me to not have ...more

Go Forth, but Don't Multiply

As Told to Mona by Mike, Her Husband I’d like to tell you I’m sharing this story in the hopes that one other guy will read it and feel more fully informed or that the subject will be somehow demystified. But the truth is, I need to write about it to process it myself. The tadpole party is over! I had a vasectomy today. ...more

This post is wonderful.  All men considering vasectomy should read!


Would You Really Trust A Man To Take Birth Control Pills?

 On the news I heard a snippet of a story saying that scientists are one step closer to creating a birth control pill for men after finding a new human sex hormone that could be used to suppress male fertility. At first, I thought sure, that would be an excellent idea. Let men take responsibility from preventing their progeny from popping up all over the world. Why not have another alternative, besides a condom, for men to use, because we all know men use condoms ALL the time (rightttttttttttttttttttttttt). ...more
I think I 'd prefer to see evidence that he had the RISUG procedure...I hear it should be ...more

When "Birth Control" Takes On An Ugly New Meaning

It's one of those horrible stereotypes that gets repeated in movies and on television: the desperate, probably crazy, control-freak woman who tries to trap a man by deliberately "forgetting" to take her birth control pills or use whatever type of birth of control she uses or claims to be using. Well, guess what? In real life, that crazy control-freak woman might be a man. ...more

I'm only 23, but I feel like I had a completely different childhood from what some kids have ...more

Don't Drop the Ball on New Year's Eve

I have mixed feelings about the National Institute for Reproductive Health's New Year's Eve birth control campaign, Don't Drop the Ball. It's a humorous website that reminds women that if something goes wrong with their primary method of birth control, women have a 120 hour window to prevent pregnancy by using emergency contraceptives (EC). The site encourages women to send a funny text message about different EC options. There's even a video about a text message mishap to ...more

Santa Baby, slip an IUD under the tree for meeee....

 Not the typical Christmas list from this girl… My list would probably make any mall Santa turn redder than good ol’ Rudolph’s nose and beg for a lunch break....more

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

"AAAAAHHHHH!" That would be the sound of me sighing in relief because today I did the deed. I woke up Sunday morning and the first thing I thought was, "YES!...more