Preventing Reproductive Health Services at All Costs

Every year, Planned Parenthood offers services to more than five million men, women, and adolescents. In that year, they offer nearly one million Pap tests and more than 850,000 breast exams, provide provides more than 3.3 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, and estimate that their services prevent as many as 621,000 unintended pregnancies. Many locations offer prenatal and postpartum care. In addition, they offer safe, affordable abortions. ...more

I use to think P.P. helped out poor women and minorities and recently I began to look at ...more

I'm Losing My Hair. Is My Mirena to Blame?

It's typical to lose your hair after you have a baby. It happened with TD and then again with The Comedian. It's also typical to see your doctor for birth control options post-baby if you are not willing to get knocked up again. When I encountered the Mirena IUD it seemed like the perfect option. One quick doctor visit and I was good to go for the next five years. If I wanted more kids in that time I could have it removed. I read all the brochures, did some research and talked to friends who had used Mirena as well. It was my golden ticket to no thought birth control....more

Freedom's Just Another Word For Controlling Your Ovaries, Inside Or Out

So here's a question that almost certainly falls into the category of Soliciting Too Much Information: what kind of birth control do you use? More specifically, what kind of birth control do you use if you're a woman of a certain age - a woman, say, who is probably mostly she thinks done having children - and doesn't want to return to the pill? ...more

Woohoo FireDad! We talked about a vasectomy, but we weren't 100% sure we were done. 5 years ...more

Young Women Need to Be Selective not Selected

As you know, if you’ve read my very first post, that I share joint custody of my two girls with my ex.  Just recently, the jerk that is my ex husband decided to quit working so that his parenting time wouldn’t be reduced to only weekends.  This resulted in the judge ’awarding’ us 50/50 parenting time.  So now, I have the girls from Saturday to Wednesday (4 nights) and he has Wednesday to Saturday (3 nights).  ...more

Great post and good reminders, although I disagree about not marrying in your 20s... I ...more

Contraceptive Challenged

I think I should elaborate on being contraceptive-challenged as I have received some questions about that. First of all, it is a completely made up word. However, it does mean that I am destined to have 10 million kids because every form of contraceptive fails on me. Every. Single. One. And I have tried them all. The IUD is actually just my latest in a long line of contraceptive choices. The ring wouldn’t stay in place. For the main reason--I guess I’m ...more

Protect Family Planning Funding

By Alison Mondi In a time of economic uncertainty, unnerving budget deficits, and ever-worsening employment and revenue figures, it is understandable that the legislators and agency heads charged with setting the state’s budget for the next two years are inclined to reach for the hatchet. ...more

Recession Leads to Increase in Birth Control Usage

According to the New York Times, anecdotal evidence suggests that the recession is creating an increase in men who seek vasectomies. Men fear that they cannot afford any unplanned pregnancies in these difficult economic times, plus anyone considering the procedure before the recession began is capitalizing on the opportunity to get one now, before he is laid off and loses his health insurance. ...more

I'm on maternity leave right now. It feels a little uncertain, being away from work in this ...more

The sound of a terrible economy? Snip, snip!

You thought you'd heard it all about the ramifications of the current state of the economy, but maybe you hadn't heard this: In addition to everything else we're going to blame on the economy, it's also causing more vasectomies. ...more

Got mine done a few years ago, after the birth of our second child. It wasn't so much an ...more

Women's History Month Day 20: Sex, Washing Machines, and the Politics of LIberation

Margaret Sanger, founder of the American birth control movement and of the organizaton that became Planned Parenthood, called birth control "the liberation of human development." ...more

Obama Administration to Acknowledge that I Have a Conscience, Too!

In what was a huge blow to women's reproductive health, one of the Bush administration's last gifts to the religious right was to issue a convoluted rule through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The rule insisted that anyone who objected to abortions could not be discriminated against by hospitals or institutions that received public money. (They also changed the definition of abortion to include various forms of birth control.) Of course it makes sense that no one should be forced to do something at work that violates their beliefs. This is why the 1964 Civil Rights Act already prohibits such practices. ...more

it seemed such a spiteful and semi-sneaky thing to do. They knew it would be tossed, but did ...more