Excuse Me, Senator McCain -- What I Want for my Daughter Isn't Liberal or Conservative

As the mother of a daughter, there are things I want for my eight-year-old PunditGirl, especially when she becomes a woman -- things that I was lucky to have, but that generations before me didn't. Interestingly, John McCain, as the father of daughters, doesn't seem to want those same things. ...more

Excellent post. It's what I want for my daughter and everyone else's daughters as well.  ...more

What LaBruzzo doesn't get

Feminists are all over but the shoutin' about Louisiana state representative John LaBruzzo's proposed plan to pay poor people $1,000 to have a tubal ligation or vasectomy. For people out there who don't know why many feminists are ticked off by this proposal, here is some perspective: ...more

Monogamy and dys-sex-ia

"I told him, 'If we're going to be monogamous, I think I want to get a DUI,'" confided my friend Cathy – a barely recovering commitmentphobe with her first serious boyfriend in years – "and he just stared back at me like an idiot and didn't say anything. Can you believe that?" She sipped her pint and waited for a reaction – for me to express disgust, incredulity, and ultimately validate her annoyance with him – but I could believe it, and I, too, stared back at her like an idiot. ...more

I'm still praying her freudian slippage doesn't manifest in any literal sense, though it's ...more

But I don't want to marry Colin Firth.

Hilarious! Also, can't birth control simply focus on controlling potential births instead of giving women fewer periods? "What if getting fewer periods and taking hormones will turn me into a mutant?" ...more

No thanks, I'd rather be pregnant?!

I had the Mirena IUD put in about 10 days ago. Three days later I was begging my doctor to take it out. I was having a host of side-effects, the most disconcerting was difficulty breathing, on top of headache, super fatigue (like early pregnancy), total brain fog (would read things over and over again and not comprehend), and overall, general bitchiness, if you can consider that a side effect. ...more

I didn't have a huge amount of luck with a non-hormonal (copper) IUD, but since it's hormone ...more


Seems like my last post, "Obama Caint Choose Kaine", riled some folks up. ...more

HHS Sec. Leavitt Tries To Dispel Fear of Defining Contraception as Abortion...By Refusing to Discuss it.

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt is awfully proud of the controversy from the recent draft regulation on what he calls “Physician Conscience:” “I’m delighted to announce that with the help of Planned Parenthood, my blog -- for the first time -- received more visits than my teenage son’s MySpace page.” ...more

You Can't Actually Have Too Much Birth Control; Give Men More Options

This month Time reported that "the pharmaceutical industry decided there wasn't enough of a market to make male hormonal contraceptives worthwhile." (h/t Pandagon) This is one of the more annoyingly ridiculous things I've read this month. Men, watch out for flying pigs, because Big Pharma doesn't want your money. ...more

I must point out that lots of people for whatever reason seem to think that married couples ...more

The Pill-grimage

Now that I have taken myself off of birth control pills, they are one less thing I need to worry about taking. As it turns out, it is one less hassle for my husband too. ...more

That toll-booth stretch makes for an interesting image, especially if it is a manual ...more

The Baby Borrowers – Birth Control? Not Quite…

First off – I love this show. Watching teenagers cope with kids touches the black, dark part of my heart that laughs when people trip. Ok, I don’t really laugh when people trip unless they’re wearing four-inch Manolos or Christian Laboutin shoes (the $400 shoes with the red soles so everyone knows they cost an arm and a leg.) So I may be a bad person, but I’m a normal bad person not the “I laugh at old people” bad person. Shades of gray, my friends, shades of gray... ...more

Teen couples rarely stay together without a traumatic experience like being on camera and ...more