Send a T-Shirt to Bristol Palin

Choice Matters Applauds Bristol Palin Bristol Palin has declared she doesn’t believe in abstinence-only education because it’s “not realistic at all.” The temptation is to be glib, to say “duh! You think after getting pregnant and having the baby, while a teenager in high school…” but that would be an easy shot and a meaningless one. ...more

Replacing Ourselves: Do We Owe Future Generations Our Reproduction Today?

We've heard for years the Baby Boomers are going to kill Social Security when they start drawing off it.  X, Y and Millennium just aren't putting it back in fast enough. There just aren't enough of us to take care of all of them. Is it getting worse? ...more

I never understand these concerns. If America finds itself low on population, couldn't we just ...more

Moving on to Common Ground

By Cristina Page On the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Connecticut Catholic Conference announced its solution to the increasing rate of teenagers seeking abortion care in the state. They proposed abortion restrictions; specifically, limiting teenager's access to abortion by requiring parental notification. If the goal is lowering the abortion rate, this is the wrong approach. ...more

Roe v Wade Anniversary Thank-You to Sarah Weddington

Today, on the 36th anniversary of Roe v Wade, I salute Sarah Weddington. ...more

Mary Had a Choice. Why Don't I?

Growing up in the Jewish faith, Christmas always fascinated me in many ways. Not only did I view images of Santa Claus and prancing reindeer bringing gifts to happy children, but more serious (and to me, mysterious) displays included a family in a barn, celebrating the birth of a miracle child. As I aged and learned more about the Biblical circumstances that led to the birth of Jesus, I became more confused than ever. How did this story translate to policies that seemed to govern my life? For clarity, I set out to read more about the Annunciation. ...more

The law you describe was in place BEFORE this regulatory change. This regulatory change says ...more

Feminism & Gender in 2008: The Good, the Bad, and the Election

To the chorus of kudos and thank you's. As in previous years, this is an excellent round up and ...more

Conscientious Refusals - Cross posted @

According to an article in the LA Times, the Bush Administration is trying to push through one final bill that goes beyond abortion. ...more

Always Let YOUR Conscience Be Your Guide

On the surface, the Bush administration's attempt to push through a last minute rule change "protecting" health care professionals who oppose abortion and other reproductive procedures sounds reasonable. After all, no one should be compelled to do work that is against her religious beliefs. However, as an article in the Nov. ...more

Where did all this legal game start?
Somehow we have been lead to believe that we no ...more

John McCain’s Wrong Answers to Working Women’s Questions—Now Give Him Your Answer at the Ballot Box

Don’t get excited. John McCain didn’t respond directly to the questions about his positions on economic and reproductive justice we (Carole Joffe and I) first put to him on Labor Day and have been asking him ever since. ...more

Excuse Me, Senator McCain -- What I Want for my Daughter Isn't Liberal or Conservative

As the mother of a daughter, there are things I want for my eight-year-old PunditGirl, especially when she becomes a woman -- things that I was lucky to have, but that generations before me didn't. Interestingly, John McCain, as the father of daughters, doesn't seem to want those same things. ...more

Excellent post. It's what I want for my daughter and everyone else's daughters as well.  ...more