Like Watching a Movie When You've Already Read the Book

I am blogging about this with the permission of the mother involved. There’s a caesarean by choice mom in Ontario (Alliston) who has contacted me – and unfortunately her story seems to be unfolding pretty much as my story unfolded with the birth of my daughter. Except, her OB told her at 33/34 weeks that she would not do a caesarean unless there was a medical indication for one, but if a medical indication presented itself that they would move to a caesarean as soon as possible....more

In the Rear View Mirror: Facing our Fears and Then Driving Away

All week I've been saying to myself..."I can't believe it's been a year."A year since I was airlifted from the ER to a strange hospital hours away from home. A year since I cried from the my depths of my soul "NO - I WILL NOT HAVE THIS BABY TODAY!" A year since the delivery room was silent. And a year since we heard that first tiny mew - a sign of life - at a an age where many doctors won't perform life-saving procedures. A year since we heard the words "4% chance of healthy survival" and "he might not make it out of here..."...more

Birth Is Just One Day -- or Is It?

Birth, while it may be only one day (or two, or three), does leave a lasting impression on mother and baby. Studies show that there is a difference between being born vaginally and being born via cesarean section. There are documented risks to both mother and baby of a c-section that do not exist for vaginal birth. In a complicated birth, the consequences can continue for more than just "one day," or even just a few weeks. For some, the consequences of a birth that does not go as anticipated can continue for years....more
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A Guide to Holding Birth Trauma

Scary things can happen in birth sometimes. It's not something we like to think about, but the fear of emergencies in birth is something that lurks in the corners of the minds of pregnant women and their caregivers alike....more

A Nice Cup of Tea- the kindness of strangers

I’ve already written about my son’s birth and the fact that it is the event that led me here, to this world of blogging. I have also written about the emergency section through my husband’s eyes as it is something that has bothered me a great deal. I hate to think of my husband being left alone in the delivery room after they’d whisked me down to theatre. The room must’ve been buzzing with silence after so much activity and fear. I hate to think that they just left him there… My son’s birth affected so much in our lives and we lost valuable time, precious moments we’ll never get back....more

Ok, So I think I can do this now- my birth story

I think it is finally time to get an honest version of my son’s birth down. For some reason, I’ve started to feel as though I might forget parts of what happened and while this obviously means that I am ‘moving on’ it also means that such an important event in my life is being pushed aside in my mind- not sure I’m ready for that yet.. Maybe writing it down will help; maybe not....more

"Birth Rape" By Any Other Name Would Hurt As Much

Last week The Age (Melbourne) published an article about birth rape. The article itself was an inoffensive introductory piece to an important issue that desperately needs more social attention (though sadly it lacked a link to one of the best sources of support for birth rape survivors in Australia: the Joyous Birth network)....more

Birth Trauma: An Introduction

Birth trauma is an issue in desperate need of conscious raising, it is largely invisible to mainstream society and frequently misrepresented and misdiagnosed as postnatal depression. When birth trauma is misdiagnosed as postnatal depression women's bodies and hormones are made the scapegoats for a maternity system that is broken and harms the very people it should be caring for. Of course birth trauma can lead to depression, but depression is merely a symptom of the much bigger problem.What is Birth Trauma?  ...more