Great Expectations

I've been doing a bit of soul searching lately. It was bound to happen. You see my son turns one in a couple of days so it's the perfectly cliché time to think about the past year ...more


 OK, so it wasn’t exactly the other day, it was back in January. After a full,long week of trying to conceive, we were successful! Ha, who would have thought hat it would have taken so long! I feel we were very lucky, after reading some stories about how people try for years to conceive and nothing, and then us, one week of trying and hey presto....more

Yes, I made it in time

Everyone told me I should stay in town for the last week before every one of my babies was born.  (Probably sinc it is a two hour drive to the hospital!) However, with each one of the EIGHT I could have gone to Germany and back before having them, as nearly always an 8 to twelve hour wait after I arrived at the hospital. Maybe it was because everyone of them were like atom bombs after they did arrive. ???!!! Nothing stopped them from crawling, climbing, etc.  If a stairway was open they could crawl up  them by 6 or 7 months. ...more

Forty - Yep the Big 4-0

My sister turned 40 yesterday.  That means I am getting much older. I remember when she was born.  It was back in the day of Dads-to-be pacing a smoke filled waiting room.  My step-dad was puffing like a freight train on his pipe.  He was just shy of his 35th birthday and this was his first child. ...more

Controversial Horror Flicks "Grace" and "Orphan" Give Mothers a Bloodbath

Horror films are at heart fairy tales, and the morals of the stories tend to hit you over the head with the subtlety of a witch's oven door.  This summer, two psychological thriller/horror flicks with big buzz, Orphan and Grace, want you to know that pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and adopting a child are all selfish, destructive,bloody pursuits. Breeder beware! ...more

Thanks for your insightful comment.  (And for letting me know about the typo; it's ...more

Diary of a Pregnant Girl

10/06/2009 Hi. ...more

My Precious First Born: A 1977 Birth Story

I was 22 years old, living in New York City and blissfully happy about becoming a mom! ...more

My (semi) natural childbirth- a happy birth story

This is a happy birth story. For all of you expectant mothers who are avoiding people's birth stories for fear of losing your will to deliver, let me say that it is possible to have the birth you hoped for but also, birth is only the beginning! No matter how your birth goes, you will love your baby and he will love you. ...more

Well done!!! Im in awe of you!!!

my partner and i have only just started to try for a ...more

Remembering Birth: Submit your own birth story to The Momoir Project and win a free copy of the new mom anthology

The most popular writing class for moms that I teach, by far, is the one where we write about our birth experiences. It’s also the hardest class, because we have to try to fit such a monumental rite of passage into a few hundred words. ...more

Birth: A Love Story

Nearly 46 years ago, my mother gave birth to a boy. She was barely 20 years old, she was alone, and she was terrified. ...more

Thank you for the link, Catherine.  I love love love birth stories.

-Maria ...more