Breastfeeding - 1st Latch

When breastfeeding is what you've chosen to do, the first latch is very important. As soon after birth as possible, baby should latch and begin suckling. When a baby suckles at the breast, oxytocin and prolactin are released. Oxytocin aids in bonding, relaxation, and helps the uterus to contract thereby constricting blood vessels and aiding in the uterus' return to it's pre-pregnancy state/size. Prolactin is the hormone that aids in milk's production. Both of these hormones are important to baby and mom....more

Duchess Kate, We Need to Talk Mom to Mom

 Duchess Kate, it's time you and I had a conversation, mom to mom.Right now, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. Forget about the fact you just gave birth to the third in line to the throne. There’s some things you really need to know....more

I Was Scared of Labor -- Until I Was in Labor!

In all honesty, I was pretty scared about giving birth. Of course I rationalized the situation by reminding myself that childbirth is a completely natural thing to do, that we were all born somehow, and that my body was designed to give birth. I started reading about hypnobirthing and that definitely helped keeping a positive attitude about it all. I also continued working for as long as I possibly could to avoid sitting at home all day worrying about what was to come. But I just couldn't seem to shake that little voice in the back of my head screaming, “OMG! I’m going to have to push an entire human being out... through my vagina!” ...more
Funny how we are so scared of the unknown until it happens! ;)  I was the same way, but you have ...more

Birth Story

Considering that there is no miracle more impressive than the one of a new human being entering this world, giving birth can be pretty uneventful.  ...more


mother/LOVE The seat of creation: Sacred Feminine!Nesting Doll DaughtersAll down the line of time one at a time from time immemorial into time infinite(Making it look so easy a man could do it…)But, NONOT SOMother is the tunnel from the other sideThe channel to DELIVERTo the here and the now the made-flesh intention of theIS...more

Emmett's Birth Story (Finally!)

I've wanted to write this story since it happened, but finding the words to describe that day has been so difficult. I read this beautiful birth story today, so I'm feeling inspired. I will do my best to remember the details. I can't believe it has been 9 months! My water broke at 12:30 am on the night of July 1st. 30 minutes into July. ...more

Dear New Mom, You Are Gonna be Great at This.

Hey there mama, ...more

Dear Kate Winslet

So  the media is all abuzz because you  lied about the emergency c-section delivery of your first born baby a few years ago.  You recently fessed up about that lie after the natural labor and delivery of your second baby, and I'm really glad you're satisfied with that birth and I hope you feel better about yourself....more

Prenatal Classes - a Horror Story

You might want to think about signing up for prenatal classes now since many areas get filled up well in advance. ...more

A Pregnant Pause

So, it’s been a while. Trying to sum up all that has happened over the past month, since Oren’s birth, is totally daunting – like trying to run a marathon after being on bed rest for weeks on end. But I swear I’ll try my best....more
Some of that "neglect" will be balanced out with their love for each other. Don't sweat it, they ...more