Dear New Mom, You Are Gonna be Great at This.

Hey there mama, ...more

Dear Kate Winslet

So  the media is all abuzz because you  lied about the emergency c-section delivery of your first born baby a few years ago.  You recently fessed up about that lie after the natural labor and delivery of your second baby, and I'm really glad you're satisfied with that birth and I hope you feel better about yourself....more

Prenatal Classes - a Horror Story

You might want to think about signing up for prenatal classes now since many areas get filled up well in advance. ...more

A Pregnant Pause

So, it’s been a while. Trying to sum up all that has happened over the past month, since Oren’s birth, is totally daunting – like trying to run a marathon after being on bed rest for weeks on end. But I swear I’ll try my best....more
Some of that "neglect" will be balanced out with their love for each other. Don't sweat it, they ...more

Can you plan for your birth?

Beth got a recommendation from a friend for an OB-GYN. This doctor was a part of her HMO network and she felt great about finding a really nice and attentive doctor so easily. Beth was following all his advice from limiting her caffeine intake to the frequency of appointments to what hospital to use for her delivery. The process felt great and easy to Beth. She appreciated the time her doctor took to answer her questions directly and thoroughly....more

Celebrating birth!

Last week was my birthday week. Yay! Something to celebrate.Now, I don't remember my own birth…Yet, I do remember funny, exciting, anxious, annoying, precious, and miraculous moments from the births of my children.The moments that are top-of-mind include:...more

A True Story of Life and Death

During my last month of pregnancy, December 4 to be exact, my mother was hospitalized for what would be the final month of her life. We had been battling her cancer for a year and three months and were in it together, at every turn. From our weekly chemo appointments together, to our hobby of managing and sorting her myriad of drugs, to planning menus and meals that would make her happy and comfortable and bring her miraculous health. We were in it together. It was OUR cancer. Just as it was OUR pregnancy....more

On Childbirth And Bodily Autonomy

A friend of mine recently gave birth. She’d planned on have a natural, drug-free childbirth, but instead wound up having an emergency c-section. After 30 hours of labour, her son’s head still wouldn’t (or couldn’t) engage, and his heart rate started to plummet frighteningly low. After a few minutes of discussing their options with her midwife and the on-call OB, they decided that a caesarean was her best option....more

15 REAL Tips for First Time Moms


How To Have A Good C-Section (or, how I learned to stop worrying and love major surgery)

I woke up the morning of January 8th, 2011, and lay in bed, waiting for Theo to kick me good morning. I was 34 weeks pregnant, and this was our wake-up ritual: he would wriggle around like a maniac, and I would spend a few minutes lying on my side, rubbing the outline of his body and telling him what we were going to do that day. Sometimes he would stick his feet in my ribs, and I would tickle his toes. Sometimes he would take a big stretch and I would try to map out how he was sitting inside of me.That morning, though, I didn’t feel anything....more