It's Time to Take Back Birth

The first time I was pregnant, I wish I had done more of my own research regarding childbirth. The first time I was pregnant, I wish we had known more about labor coaching and support.The first time I was pregnant, I wish I had known that there's more to baby's position besides "head down" or "head up."The first time I was pregnant, I wish I had known it was okay to labor at home. ...more

The National Rally for Change - Improving Birth

Labor Day seems a fitting time for us to think critically about birth in this country. This Labor Day, September 3, 2012, women, men, and children will come together all around the country for's National Rally for Change. "The National Rally for Change is to encourage and insist that all maternal healthcare providers practice evidence-based care," to bring about a shift in the public perception of birth and the way care providers handle pregnancy and birth....more
Las Vegas rally page link!

The Real Danger in America: Hospital Birth

As tempting as it is to make emotional arguments against the safety of home birth, as Feministe did recently, it's not home births that are driving America's high rates of maternal and fetal death. It's hospital birth. America has among the highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized country. ...more
The problem I have with this blog, and all the others, and all the other articles, is that there ...more

The Power of the "Present"

A good number of stories that I’ve gathered for my Loving the Pregnant You book have clearly pointed to the power of “tuning inward” or staying in the present moment throughout delivery. Women have found this helpful in minimizing pain and/or identifying what they want and need physically and emotionally throughout the birth process. There is another pragmatic benefit....more

How to Pack the Ultimate Hospital Birth Bag

So you're almost at your due date and you've yet to pack your hospital bag.  What do you need to absolutely throw in it, and what can you live without?I was lucky enough to be given a pre-made hospital birth bag for my baby shower, and it was THE BEST gift I received.  If you are not expecting you should consider making one for a friend who is!  Even if the expectant Mum is planning a home birth, there is nothing in this hospital bag that she couldn’t use at home as well.  So here goes:Buy a Beautiful Bag...more

A Tip Before You Bury Placenta: Call Before You Dig!

My husband is a scientist. He labels everything. He once asked me if we could talk about keeping the refrigerator more organized. He volunteered to make labels. Dairy. Vegetables. Condiments. We had only just moved in together so I bit a hole in my lip and smiled and said "if you'd like to take on that project I will try really hard to put things back." It was never mentioned again. ...more
I am... confused, I guess.  I laughed my way through the post, but why do you plant a placenta? ...more

A Thank You Note, on the Death of Your Daughter.

My chiropractor and his wife had a baby girl last week.  She lived for 7 1/2 hours, and then died.  Hubby and I spent the last week not knowing this.  We only knew that she had been born and that there were complications, and that it was not good.   I got to my appointment today and found out the rest....more

Disappointed…yet still ready and willing to enjoy the experience

Supriya had planned a natural, vaginal delivery. When she had been in labor for about 25 hours and pushing hard for four or five hours, it clicked in her mind that she might need a cesarean. After a few moments of struggling with that idea, she felt a flow of acceptance and thought, “Okay, let’s just do a c-section.” She knew she was doing a 180-degree change from the whole natural delivery that she had planned. Yet, once she reconciled the choice, she didn’t feel a lot of angst....more


My friend Ches asked me this:I'd like to hear about the births of your babies and how you felt staying in the hospital. Was it stressful? Or did you not even care because, you know, you just gave birth and all. :) Did you obsessively watch the nurses/doctors to make sure they washed and hand sani-ed before they came into your room?Oh boy. This is a great question, and MAN does it bring back memories.So, in a nutshell, I spent the entire time in the hospital freaking the fuck out....more

Riding the Wave of Birth and Life

Like every first time pregnant woman does now, I had a birth plan when I was preparing to have my son. It wasn’t a strict we must do it all this way or I will freak in the delivery room and have birth regrets for the rest of my life kind of plan. It was just kind of a guideline. That we never referred to....more
 @KarenLynnn They never did find out. Eventually they gave me zantac and it cleared up, but it ...more