Sacred Pregnancy : Changing the conversation!

 When author Anni Daulter typed out the first words of her book titled Sacred Pregnancy she couldn't have known what an amazing journey would lie ahead for her. The book that was born from her desire to "change the conversation around the pregnancy journey for women," rapidly took on its own life - growing into a movement that will forever change the way we look at birth in this country. Anni's vision is breathtaking, beautiful, bold and raw. Though her earthy style may appear extreme to some, the core of her message resonates with all - Pregnancy + Birth are sacred! Through her book, magazine, community and retreats, Anni teaches women how to grasp their inner strength, follow their instincts and fight back against ideas of Western Medicine that women can't have an instinctual birth....more

What If We Could Have Honest Conversations about Birth with Our Care Providers?

Imagine if, at a regular prenatal appointment, your midwife or OB said to you, "Let's talk about your birth options." Imagine that she or he went on to ask you what you would like to know about giving birth, what you already know, and if you have any particular ideas or plan as for how you'd like to give birth. Imagine if, taking it a step farther, she or he then gave you information such as the following:...more

Tips for Photographing a Birth

If Current Me could talk to Past Me, Current Me would say, "Hey. You. Those first photos you take of Alexis could be a lot better if you would take the time to learn a little about photographing a baby." Current Me could hand Past Me a crib sheet, like this one by Tamara Bowman, and point out some of the tips that would have gone a long way to better capturing those early newborn days. ...more
My advice: don't ever take pictures of birth and if you do, don't post them anywhere. Not every ...more

Drop the Jokes: Let's Be Happy for Snooki and Her Baby

Snooki had a baby. The Internet has been on fire for nine-ish months. There have been jokes and monologues and e-cards and memes and more jokes about Snooki having a baby. At first I laughed about it -- just like everyone else. I mean, she is so easy to look down on, right? There are hours and hours of footage of her being ridiculous on TV. And sure, she placed herself in the position by signing on to do a reality show. I get that. But it must really suck to have your pregnancy laughed at. That must hurt....more
I totally agree with you, people should just chill. I don't know her personally but I do know ...more

It's Time to Take Back Birth

The first time I was pregnant, I wish I had done more of my own research regarding childbirth. The first time I was pregnant, I wish we had known more about labor coaching and support.The first time I was pregnant, I wish I had known that there's more to baby's position besides "head down" or "head up."The first time I was pregnant, I wish I had known it was okay to labor at home. ...more

The National Rally for Change - Improving Birth

Labor Day seems a fitting time for us to think critically about birth in this country. This Labor Day, September 3, 2012, women, men, and children will come together all around the country for's National Rally for Change. "The National Rally for Change is to encourage and insist that all maternal healthcare providers practice evidence-based care," to bring about a shift in the public perception of birth and the way care providers handle pregnancy and birth....more
Las Vegas rally page link!

The Real Danger in America: Hospital Birth

As tempting as it is to make emotional arguments against the safety of home birth, as Feministe did recently, it's not home births that are driving America's high rates of maternal and fetal death. It's hospital birth. America has among the highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized country. ...more
The problem I have with this blog, and all the others, and all the other articles, is that there ...more

The Power of the "Present"

A good number of stories that I’ve gathered for my Loving the Pregnant You book have clearly pointed to the power of “tuning inward” or staying in the present moment throughout delivery. Women have found this helpful in minimizing pain and/or identifying what they want and need physically and emotionally throughout the birth process. There is another pragmatic benefit....more

How to Pack the Ultimate Hospital Birth Bag

So you're almost at your due date and you've yet to pack your hospital bag.  What do you need to absolutely throw in it, and what can you live without?I was lucky enough to be given a pre-made hospital birth bag for my baby shower, and it was THE BEST gift I received.  If you are not expecting you should consider making one for a friend who is!  Even if the expectant Mum is planning a home birth, there is nothing in this hospital bag that she couldn’t use at home as well.  So here goes:Buy a Beautiful Bag...more

A Tip Before You Bury Placenta: Call Before You Dig!

My husband is a scientist. He labels everything. He once asked me if we could talk about keeping the refrigerator more organized. He volunteered to make labels. Dairy. Vegetables. Condiments. We had only just moved in together so I bit a hole in my lip and smiled and said "if you'd like to take on that project I will try really hard to put things back." It was never mentioned again. ...more
I am... confused, I guess.  I laughed my way through the post, but why do you plant a placenta? ...more