Between Fear and Dreams: Birth Wants her Soul Back

I was recently sent a beautiful video of how nurses process their own grief when they've supported families through perinatal loss. The quality of a medical caregiver's presence can be pivotal in helping families who are dealing with grief, and my hats off to those who, with exquisite sensitivity and compassion, make a seemingly impossible path just a little smoother and more light filled. While for the most part the video was a guide to how nurses can move through their own emotions surrounding difficult experiences, it brought up important observations for me....more

A Doula's Blessing for a Beautiful Birth

May your birthing space be prepared in sacredness by those who attend you,as the Grandmothers do.May you climb and surf the mounting peaks with a spirit of adventure,as the Wanderers do.May you surrender to the Dreamtime and gather wisdom from its messages,as the Shamans do.May you roar your fullest Power into being, guided by blessed challenge,as the Warriors do.May you open courageously to the earthbound surge of inexorable manifestation,as the wolves, whales, and bears do....more

Birthing and Parenting:Be Who You Are, Do What You Feel

There are so many "shoulds" when it comes to birthing and parenting. There are so many ideals, many of them conflicting, it is amazing women in the childbearing year aren't walking around with their heads literally spinning....more

Share Your Birth Story

Actually Mummy...Last week Mummy decided to write my birth story. And she asked you to write yours too. If you have one already, please link up using the Linky tool at the end of the post. I will tweet every new link-up. If you haven’t written yours yet, but would like to, you can link up any time you like. We are open to new links for a year!...more

Overcoming Fear: Our Birth Story, Part 1

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is about facing and overcoming fears. When I read the prompt, I wasn't sure what to write about. I considered taking the easy way out and writing about the zucchini we harvested from our garden last week. I went back and forth between before settling on the obvious choice. ...more

Share Your Birth Story

Actually Mummy......more

"You Have To Be One Tough Bitch to Be a Doula"

...This is the learning my recent students took most to heart.......more

Lullabies I Never Sang: A Mother's Abortion and Regret

I’ve thought about this memory a thousand times, and wondered how to paint literary pictures of an inner battle still lingering inside. I feel it the most when I kiss my kids goodnight, tuck the covers around their chins, and listen to their prayers. I see the fruition of love and life in their faces, project splendid futures for them both, and thank my God every day for the privilege of being their parent.But I am missing one....more
Wow....your words "Only my child is in heaven because I put him there", is exactly how I feel. ...more

Tools for Change in Birth: Grace, Love, and Healing

"...{Grace} is energy infused with a force greater than our own, a divine intention. When it arrives-usually unannounced or unrequested 'out of the blue' - it fills you with a luminous awareness that is different from everyday consciousness; it makes you come alive with vision and determination and the strength to act." -Caroline Myss ...more

Birth Control?