Anxiety Acknowledged

Photography and Text by Jules Hovee Steffen...more

Three Parts, A Portion of the Whole

Three Parts, A Portion of the WholePhotography and Text by Jules Hovee Steffen ...more

Things They Didn't Tell Me About Parenting: Part 1

I’ve just found an old Note that I wrote on Facebook (remember Notes?!) from when DorkySon was three months old. It’s called “Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting: What They Didn’t Tell Me”....more

Control and the Birthing Process

I think it is so important to know how little control we have over the birth process, as birthing women and as doulas. It hurts a little every time to have this lesson driven home. I think there is a secret belief that if we do everything right, like provide the correct support, use the correct remedies, say the magic words, we will be granted with our clients' births going wonderfully. We go around wondering "why?" when an outcome is not as we'd wanted, and fall into the pattern of wondering if there was anything else we could have done....more

Have iPod, Will Give Birth

The playlist is the one thing about childbirth that I can control. And I'm sure most people reading, especially those who have given birth, are thinking "You won't even remember to bring your Ipod to the hospital, and you'll be so consumed by the Harry-Potter-Cruciatus-Curse-like-pain of childbirth that you won't even be able to hear music above the sound of your own screaming."...more

That's a great list. I'll have to remember some of them for my next one. "New Soul" was on my ...more

The "Can do no Right" Doula Blues

We have talked about the phenomenon of "doulas behaving badly". I have brought up a few things about doula work to try to help us be understood a little better by medical professionals. Now I wanna sing the blues. The truth is, more often than not, doulas who behave conscientiously still get their share of berating. It's true that those who behave badly can create or exacerbate prejudice for our work, but the reality remains that sometimes we're hated on sight simply because of who we are....more

What's Really Going On?


Maxwell Carter was born last Sunday at a healthy 6lbs. 12oz. He was full term. I couldn’t wait to meet him; and I was thrilled with the prospect of seeing a newborn without any wires....more

How to Prepare for Birth

The sensations of labour vary for every woman. Not only from woman to woman, but from labour to labour. I have had births that felt virtually painless for most of the labour, to having sensations that kicked my ass leaving me breathless and begging for mercy....more

Happy Eruption Day, Mt. Saint Helens

Today marks the 31st anniversary of when Mt. St. Helens rocked the world (or at least a small portion of it) with its fantastic eruption.  As Wikipedia tells it:   Read more HERE....more