What Do You Pack for a Cruise? Here's How Not to Sink the Ship

If there's one thing I know a little something-something about, it's packing. I am, in fact, a champion packer. I could pack in the Packing Olympics, if such a thing existed, and I would bring home -- at the very worst -- a bronze medal. (Hey, it helps not to be too cocky about these things, you know? Truth be told, I'd probably get the gold, but I'm going to let you keep believing I'm modest.)So when Kristen came to me with a packing challenge, I knew I had to step up to the plate....more

You know what I loved most about this post? There were no kids involved! No diapers, no baby ...more

A Pat Pause Before Christmas

by Laura Baudo Sillerman ‘Tis the week of the season when we often allow the lists to dominate and permit anxiety the role of dominant feeling. More put-upon than under the spell of what we once believed to be magical, we wake with worry that we haven’t done enough and disbelief that the date is so late. Today though, we must pause. We must stop to remember that on this day a miracle occurred in the far-off land of Kentucky. Patricia Allen, publisher of Women's Voices For Change was born....more

How to Celebrate Birthdays Around the Holidays

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, the first thing I did after jumping up and down (we had been trying for a year), was to dig out a due date calculator.  Last period March 21.  Due date… December 25?  Oh no! ...more

Hi Magpie - You must not work in healthcare - there is no such thing as "rarely working ...more

Our Kids and their Birthdays Make for Some Amazing Stories

This week I posted a mushy, sentimental meditation on my son's 30th birthday.  Kind of embarassing, really.  But I couldn't help it.  He's a wonderful son (as is his big brother) and I was feeling very lucky -- even blesssed, with the gift of him....more

Beekeeping and Banana Pudding

    So Paw’s baby brothers are closer in age to Gary and me than they are to Paw. Both are successful business owners, well into their second marriages, with so many kids and grandkids between them that I feel uncomfortable asking about them, afraid I’ll make hurtful mistakes with names and relationships. ...more

I shall be 33 on Tuesday, September 8th.

Now I'm not really asking for presents. ...more

My Birthday

Its that dreaded time of year again, my birthday (well on Sunday).  Now I don't dread my birthday because of the age thing, I honestly could care less about that.  Its the question that I'm always asked by my husband.  "What do you want for your birthday?"  I have come to loathe this question.  ...more

Forty - Yep the Big 4-0

My sister turned 40 yesterday.  That means I am getting much older. I remember when she was born.  It was back in the day of Dads-to-be pacing a smoke filled waiting room.  My step-dad was puffing like a freight train on his pipe.  He was just shy of his 35th birthday and this was his first child. ...more


In honor of my dear friend Kim's effort to bring more positive sunshine and appreciation into her life, and I must admit it's spilling over into mine (thanks, darlin' ; ), I have to admit that I am so damn proud and appreciative of my children who have the uncanny knack of keeping me young and sane while at the same time causing grey hairs to sprout on my head, which they have sent spinning in a tizzy. ...more

Happy 5th Birthday, Grace!

Dear Grace, Today you turn 5. Five! Do you know how huge that is? You can do almost everything by yourself now. No more diapers. No more sippy cups. Today you got completely dressed yourself. I've been asked how I'm dealing with you growing up. And you know what? I'm loving every second of it! ...more