Help! My Twin Wants Her Own Birthday

Dear Mouthy Housewives,  My twins are about to turn seven and one of them is up in arms about it. She does not want to celebrate her birthday with her twin sister. She wants her own birthday. Her own everything! I don't have the money to throw them two parties and that seems ridiculous anyway. What can I do to calm her down?  Signed,  It's Her Birthday and She'll Cry If She Wants To ...more
Tracey Becker I so agree with you. I don't have twins (my husband is a twin though) and I can ...more

15 Kids' Birthday Party Beefs

 As we all know, parenthood is a crazy busy process no matter what your situation, so we all have probably been guilty of one of these birthday party beefs below (hopefully because we made a mistake or forgot), but it’s still aggravating when you or your child experiences any of the following.  When riding the birthday party waves, avoid the rip tides and stay with the calmer currents.  Check out my list below…...more

I Don't Like My Birthday Parties

  In my 41 years, I’ve only had four birthday parties. My birthday falls in the middle of August when my classmates and friends were either notoriously at camp or on family vacations, so my mother always had an excuse for skipping a kids’ birthday party. What did I know of American birthday parties anyway? We celebrated most of my birthdays with my family and my parents’ friends. Cousins or else children of my parents’ friends comprised the kids at the party....more

Solved! All of Your Toddler Birthday Gift Giving Problems

I remember the first 1-year-old and 2-year-old birthday parties I attended — they were before I had my daughter, and I had no clue what kind of gift I should bring for a baby-child. Overwhelmed, I wandered aimlessly around Toys “R” Us, lost and confused in a sea of Bratz dolls, Lego sets, and age requirements that somehow always seemed too old or too young....more

Birthday Party Etiquette: Who's Invited?

 "Sorry, you're not invited."Not invited? No one wants to be not invited. "You're not invited."We advise our kiddos that this is on the do-not-say list....more

The Goodie Bag Mommafesto

I want to live in a world where we celebrate each other with hugs and cake and silly songs.A world where “I love you” slips easily off the tongue, and “Happy Birthday” is a heartfelt acknowledgement that we are so glad to be friends....more

Ten ways to have a great kid's party

It's birthday party season at our house.  We have three kids with three birthdays within three months.  And since I've learned quite a bit about throwing parties over the years, I thought I'd share some of my valuable secrets with you!...more

Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman.

It is one week before my daughter's birthday party and everything that was frozen has started to thaw. My daughter had wanted a Frozen themed birthday party with all things Frozen.  Well, it is really hard to find Frozen things in my area for a reasonable price or at all.  So here's what I ended up getting. ...more

The Power of Saying No

I have a kitchen calendar that's pretty much the nerve center of our home. The kids scrawl all of their activities into the proper date boxes -- yes, even the 5-year old, who painstakingly forms each letter as I slowly spell whatever word he needs to publish on the family agenda. Doctors' appointments, meetings, conference calls ... it all ends up there. I never make a hint of plan without checking it first.This weekend, though? I have mentally stamped a big NO across both days....more

Today I Have Four Year Olds

The birthday girls- DD in dots, SI in sign...more