My Little Pony Party: Friendship is Magic

There are some things that I do for my children that I just wouldn't do for anyone else. Allowing another human to spit chewed food into my bare hand. Wiping someone's butt. Wiping anyone else's butt. Nope. Not happening. Pretty high on that list is throwing a glittery, rainbow-festooned girlie party. But this is my daughter and it's her birthday. So basically I'll crawl across broken glass for that kid. And apparently throw a My Little Pony Party. Not sure which is more painful....more

How to Throw Your Tween a Crafting Party

Tween Girl turned 10! If you have tweens, then you know how fickle they can be, especially when it comes to their birthday parties. In previous years, we have done small parties, classroom parties, movie parties, Chuck E. Cheese parties and big parties with family. I was SUPER excited about this year's party because it involved things Tween Girl and I both love: Crafts! ...more

Giving the best gift ever!

Gifts, we have all the different occasions to celebrate and buy gifts for people we care. All the more, it gets more challenging as we celebrate birthdays after birthdays, travel souvenirs, holiday festivities and what not.So how to give the most perfect present for your loved ones?...more

The Great Piñata Chase

Months ago I decided I wanted to give my godson a birthday party.  Because he loves Spiderman, I knew that would be the theme.  So, I was happy to know that a little shop near his school was selling a Spiderman piñata, a very cool one. Spidey hanging upside down!!...more

Guest Post: DIY Outdoor Buffet Labels

To me, there is nothing more gratifying than walking out of a store with free (NOT STOLEN) merchandise. Maybe it comes from that childhood feeling of euphoria when you’d swipe a piece of candy from the grocery store.Don’t act like you never reached into the “sample” candy station without putting your nickel in first....more

Pink Princessy Party Favors

Here's a great idea for creating pink princess inspired party favours!! ...more

Disney Tangled Tower Pinata

 Tangled Tower Pinata Tutorial ...more

Host a Narnia-themed birthday party

My 8-year-old has been reading the Chronicles of Narnia series, so for his birthday this year, he wanted to have a Narnia party. I was happy to oblige, especially since The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is one of my all-time favorite children’s books....more

Do Your Kids' Party a Favor: Don't Do Goody Bags!

 I don’t know who came up with the idea to hand out goody bags at the end of kids’ birthday parties, but I kind of hate them....more

The sneak.

Her daughter was a sneak.Not a very good one, but, a sneak all the same.It was my son’s birthday. There were helium balloons.   She took a liking to one in particular.  She ‘hid’ it in the highchair....more