Disney Frozen Inspired Drink

Frozen Inspired DrinkDo Not Let it Go! Your Disney Frozen Party Must have this quick and easy drink to bring the excitement to the party....more

Simple Ways to Host a Princess Party

It is so hard to believe that my baby girl is four because she acts like she is fourteen!...more

Who knew party planning could be that hard?

So the time is almost upon us. My son's birthday. I can't believe he is turning one! I feel he just came into this crazy world recently. It doesn't feel like a year. I mean he doesn't sleep through the night yet. But here it is, his first bday is in a couple of weeks and I have been thrown into the mass of kid bday planning. What to serve for food, what cake,ice cream or not, games? The list goes on....more
Oh gosh! I just saw this reply! I am so sorry, been so busy! Yea we survived and conquered that ...more

Batman Party

Birthday Ideas

One year ago, a little man weighing 6 pounds and 11 ounces challenged me to be a better person. My husband and I will be forever in love and in awe of Mr. Langston Christoph. As a family, we chose to forgo a party and make a charitable donation in Langston's name. Now with that said, parties are great fun and I LOVE a good party, I just chose to skip one this year--that's me--you do you. But maybe...the next time you throw a party, consider a gift donation to celebrate your loved one or ask guests to make a donation (in any amount) in lieu of a gift or spend a couple hours volunteering....more

Rainbow Birthday Party

From my blog Happy Hippie HomemakerAlmost every school paper Nora brings home has a rainbow drawn on the back of it. She doodles them whenever she gets a spare minute and wears them whenever enough colors are clean. A rainbow themed birthday party seemed like an obvious suggestion. She clung to the idea like a Leprechaun embraces his pot of gold....more
@Karen Ballum It was too cool! :)more

Life is not an emergency it is a gift....

Well, back from FL and just haven't had a chance to update. But we had a wonderful trip. It was just perfect. I highly recommend the beach in winter. Nothing is ever crowded and depending on where you go you might be surprised at 65 degree weather in January. Our LO is usually a terrible traveler not so much in the car but at night. This time just on the first night she wasn't happy. We actually got sleep after that. Now we are all sick with something. I have sinus issues and I think my husband and daughter have a cold. Her little nose just keeps running....more

Birthday fun and teeth

The first birthday! So much planning and stress to make the perfect party. (Mostly for the parents too.....down to the photographs ha) Well, if you are in my family anyway. We shop dollar tree, hobby lobby and our own craft closets. We are those type of control freak people. We get an idea and then that is what it must be and drive ourselves nuts ha. I come from a very artistic family. When you say party, shower or wedding we pull out all the troops. I knew awhile back what I wanted to do theme wise for our daughters first birthday....more

Kids Party Inspiration-Penguin Theme

There are so many fun Winter themed party ideas, it’s hard to choose just one. So I decided to dedicate January to sharing some of my favorites. The first features our feathered friends from the South Pole, Penguins! Check out all of the cool Penguin Party ideas below: ...more
I love the cake! It is absolutely adorable!more

Sweet Pea Turns 4

Today is Sweet Pea's 4th birthday! I can't believe four years have passed since I first saw those little hands and held his tiny body against mine, saw his little smirky grin as Hubby burped him for the first time, knowing we were in for quite the ride!...more