Broken Hearted Birthday

March is my birthday month and this month's NaBloPoMo theme is Self. So it's all about ME! Well atleast in my head it is. Here is a post about one of my past birthdays:I had always dreaded this day, the day I hit the big 3-0! Today's event made it even worse. This is a Birthday I want to forget. Then again it wouldn't be a party without a little Drama! ...more

What Birthday "Freebie" Would You Create If You Had The Chance?

There are some occasional good things about being a commercialized society and one of them is that tons of places want your birthday business. You know the drill - sign up for their membership whatever group and you get coupons and other advertising year round, with the bonus of a nice birthday freebie. Some are pretty awesome and some are chintzy as get out. The awesome ones make me want to return because I appreciate feeling special....more