Not Today

Most days are too busy. Filled with the everyday trappings of being a wife and a mother. Most days my heart and my mind are occupied with the husband and three little boys that make up my whole world.Not today. Never today. Today always starts and ends with tears. Today I am forced to think of all the things I am not doing. Today I will not wake my child with happy birthday. I will not tuck a note in a lunch box. I'll not be sending a favorite cupcake flavor to school to be shared with classmates. I won't be making a favorite dinner tonight. I've no birthday party to plan....more



A Star is Born!

  Today marks the 15th birthday of my baby girl… who’s been a pretty special, (if not challenging at times) daughter so far. One of the things that amazes me about her is she popped out knowing exactly who she was, what she liked and didn’t like, and she didn’t hesitate to tell you about it!...more

My REAL AGE My REAL age is 8 years younger than I am!  Yay!  So I’m 30 something.      I actually think I could knock off another 2 years making it 10 years younger because some of the responses were left blank. Is my eye sight going? Didn’t I see them?   ...more

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Ever since I became Leo's mom and Leo became Leo, there is one special day I look forward to, every year. It's not Christmas, as the winter holiday season trumps even summer on my family's trepidation scale. And it's not the first day of school, despite how gleefully I usher my children into their teachers' care.No, it's the day of Leo's annual birthday party. Because on that day, every year, my son gets to be his own exuberant self, unreservedly....more

at home who'd probably give away at least 100 Pokemon cards for that cake. He's a HUGE Totoro ...more

Birthdays: How do they make you feel?

Today is my birthday. Should I be stressed because I'm getting (and looking) older? Or should I be grateful for the opportunity to have another year of life? ...more

I've never found aging to be a big deal.  I turn 35 next Monday and have hit this place ...more

Your 30's are cool, but I can't wait for 40!

  Me and my bro, Ed, on his wedding day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ED! ...more

Lady Bug Birthday Cake - Townley's Cake

Posted by Kimberly @ "Life's a Bowl of Cherries: ...more

Celebrating Your Birthday At Work. How Important Is It?

"So," I asked, "How are you celebrating your birthday on Tuesday?" "Well," said Lynda,*tilting her head and giving me a look that had more to do with the fact I work out of my home and can do whatever I want on my birthday and less to do with how she is actually going to celebrate hers,"I have to go to work." I have a birthday/work theory and I wanted to check it out with Lynda before I wrote this post.Lynda works in HR for a Fortune 100. I thought if anyone was up on corporate birthday policies she would be. ...more

We don't have a birthday policy at work and normally I take the day off but more