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White House Releases President's Birth Certificate. We say: Donald Trump, Birthers Are Idiots And So Are You!

I thought the “birther” movement was limited to extreme right-wingers that one could either be angry with or  ignore depending on one’s tolerance for total BS.  I thought it was old news: been there, done that.  But no, unfortunately it’s alive and well.   What has changed is that the face of the “birther” movement is no longer that of Orly Taitz, “the Queen of the Birthers,” but that of “The Donald."...more

All the President's Cards

While on vacation with my American nephews and niece, we got to talking about the hullaboo in America over Barack Obama’s (supposed lack of) birth certificate, the ‘Birther’ movement (which to this blogger sounds a lot like people proposing natural childbirth), the bill introduced in Congress to force Presidential candidates to ‘prove’ their certificates are for real (as if government seals on original birth certificates were not enough ‘proof’), and so on. ...more