Mallory's Birth Story

I should have known.... I finalized my written birth plan during my 35th week of pregnancy. We all know what the man upstairs does when he hears our plans, and boy did I give him a good chuckle.  ...more

"The Business of Baby" by Jennifer Margulis

Likening new (or soon-to-be) parents to fish in a barrel hardly seems fair.To the fish.That’s because, when it comes to a group ripe for the picking by corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and other entities, it’s hard to top nascent moms and dads.After all, if “experts” continually bombard you with messages that this prenatal procedure is critical, that childbirth intervention is urgent, and those products are vital to your baby’s overall well-being, who are you to suggest otherwise?...more

13 Things to REALLY Expect When You Are Expecting

What to REALLY Expect When You’re Expecting (plus cauliflower crust pizza!). 24 Apr ...more

My Worst Nightmare

I’m not ready for this. I still have things to do. He’s not supposed to come for two more weeks. Well, at least another week. I was willing him to come the first week in November…after Halloween. No, I can’t be contracting. I don’t feel a thing. What the heck? I don’t have a bag with me. I don’t have anything with me. Ohhhhhh-myyyyy-gooooossssshhhhh (as though it’s one word drawn out)....more

Preparing for Childbirth in the Digital Age

To start off with, let me make this perfectly clear: I am NOT going to take a video of myself in labor and post it for the world to see on YouTube. The world does NOT want to see that kind of crazy, trust me. THAT kind of crazy is reserved for the people I really love and really want to scar for life (i.e, my husband). Nor am I going to Skype with you between contractions....more
@Laine Griffin Thanks for helping alleviate some of the guilt I feel about being so "connected" ...more