How I Survived Labor

11 Things NOT to Say to the Mama Expecting Again after a Loss

1. “Is this your first?” You don’t know what their past pregnancy history is and in the case of the loss mom the answer is no....more

Yes, You Can Have A Healthy Baby After 35!

  I am not a doctor or a scientist. So, please understand that this post was created based on my own personal experiences, investigations, (as they pertain to ME!) and of course my opinion (..because a Scorpio always have one!) With that being said, here we go!...more

Pregorexia, My Response #Womenslives

 This post may be sensitive to some readers. The shame that comes from struggling with an eating disorder is like no other, the judgement, side eyes, and disapproving gazes are enough to make you want to lock yourself away, so imagine going through it while you are pregnant....more

E-Cigarettes during Pregnancy: A Good Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes?

Pregnancy is a great time and opportunity to try and control your smoking habits. The harmful effects of smoking especially during pregnancy, is obvious. But stopping this habit is not easy, as seen in the case of many pregnant women. Not that they do not care for their yet-to-come babies or their own health during pregnancy. It’s just that the magic of nicotine is overpowering their willpower....more

Afterbirth Shopping List - Some Tips To Help Your Body Recover Afterbirth

“Childbirth is the marathon you are going to run without going anywhere.” says forum member Larene. “Your hormones might shift right around when the milk comes in and with it a FLOOD of crazy hormones. Give yourself time to collect yourself. Sleep when people tell you to, it is not being mean but you really DO need it. Breastfeeding does NOT come natural to some moms. Do not be scared to ask for help if you do need it. “...more

How To MINISTER to Expecting Mothers

Before I had the experience of being pregnant, I honestly knew nothing about how to help, treat or minister to pregnant women. I’d never been pregnant. I never really paid attention to those who were pregnant (what does that say about me! Oh my!) I just didn’t give it much thought. And then when I had the privilege to become a mother, I realized that pregnancy can be difficult. I realized that expecting mothers deserve to be treated with a bit more care and love....more

Ten Tips for Expectant Parents

A friend of mine is pregnant for the first time, and my husband and I have been inundating her and her husband with lots of suggestions....more

Warnings to New Parents

A friend of mine is expecting her first child, and I’m reminded of many things I wish I'd known before I became a parent. ...more

The Things We Think About During Labor and Delivery

My sister calls her husband back who has finally found my hospital list. I feel bad, because I know it's going to take him a while to pack my bag. Let me explain. Last night, when I was experiencing leaking, I started getting my things together. What I mean by that is I began throwing things that I might need into a suitcase, without much thought behind how much I was packing. Before I knew it, the suitcase was overflowing...and yes, I knew I would only be in the hospital a couple of days, but I wanted to be prepared....more