There is something deeply satisfying about sitting on your couch at midnight with a bowl of biryani and a laptop, while the rest of the house is asleep. For those who have never heard of biryani, it is a staple food item in any South Asian home. An aromatic rice dish cooked in many spices, it can be made with chicken, beef, lamb, fish, vegetables and even just egg (basically whatever is available). Although a serious biryani lover once told me it has to be chicken or go home....more

Eat & Cook Lucknow Style Dum Biryani at London Indian restaurants - The Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen & Cinnamon Soho

A quicker, simpler, safer result each time! Unlike the Hyderabadi version that uses raw marinated meat, this isAn assortment of seasonal vegetables and mushroom could be cooked with rice as a substitute to chicken. Remove the lid when all the guests are around, as the steam escapes the pot, it fills the surroundings with aroma of saffron, rose water and spices Lucknow style Black leg Chicken Biryani...more

Vegetable Biryani

Ingredients 2 cup Basmati Rice or long grain rice...more

Potato Dum Biryani

 Today I am going to blog about one of the famous and lip smacking good rice dish of India i.e. Dum Biryani. This is a delicacy of Andhra or must say Hyderabad. I have been wanting to try this for a long time but took back due to the time taking process in preparing the biryani. So finally with the help of my husband prepared and it tasted Yummy, also brought back a lot of memories....more

Tomato Biryani and Cucumber Raita

Today I am blogging about a great one pot meal which is perfect as a lunchbox recipe or a lazy afternoon meal and the great thing is its easy to put together with very few ingredients in pretty less amount of time....more

Curried Beef Biryani With Barley

A B kinda night, if you ask me. I've been reading a lot of Clean Eating magazine lately. I like its basic message; a message of exercise, lots of water, attempting to cut down as far as possible the amount of processed food one is eating. Simple breakfast, simple meals for the most part, with much of the 'extra' fat cut out. I have decided to experiment with some of their recipes I love the most. Of course, in this house, almost nothing gets made exactly the way the recipe says. ...more