Protect Yourself: BPA is in Metal Cans and Receipts

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is not just a worrisome chemical in hard plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and sippy cups. Almost all canned foods are full of the stuff. And our biggest source of exposure could be the thermal paper cash register receipts we handle every time we shop, especially during the holiday season. The fact is that BPA is in a lot of surprising products we touch every day and in higher levels than we previously thought. Will our government protect us from this chemical? Or must we as consumers take matters into our own hands? ...more
Grace@Haven , The newest Ball canning lids are BPA-free. ...more

BPA Exposure "Much Higher" Than Believed and the Proposed BPA Ban

Bisphenol-A or BPA -- a chemical used primarily to make plastics -- has been under scrutiny in the United States since 2008 when its safety was called into question. Most recently, a study published September 20 in the online NIH journal Environmental Health Perspectives "suggests exposure to BPA is actually much greater than previously thought, and its authors urge the federal government to act quickly to regulate the chemical that is found in baby bottles, food-storage containers and many household products." ...more

I try not to use any plastics... I have glass food containers for food storage, a glass water ...more

How Safe Is Your Metal Water Bottle?

Reusable water bottles are a green option. You probably feel good about using them. However, all plastic bottles are not equal. Some plastics contain BPA (bisphenol-A) and could pose a health risk. Thanks to consumers who demanded healthier baby bottles and water bottles, many plastic bottles are now BPA free. ...more

The big SIGG BPA letdown

Water bottle manufacturer SIGG has found themselves in the hot seat recently after they revealed that their bottles, which many environmentally-aware, health-conscious consumers and parents fell in love with, have actually contained bisphenol-A (BPA) all along. SIGG claims they never said their bottles were BPA-free, but only that they "did not leach BPA." ...more

Ugh, that's disheartening to hear. I hate it when companies prove to be misleading dickheads. ...more

BPA Toxic, BPA Not Toxic: What's An Anxious Mom To Believe These Days, Anyway?

Okay, I'm just going to get this out of the way right up front: this kind of thing - this 'oh hey maybe we were all worried about nothing' kind of thing? - makes my head hurt. Bad. Because, really. It was alarming enough the first time around, to find out that something that was in products that our kids were sucking on was maybe just a little, you know, toxic. It was alarming because, why didn't they know? and why didn't they tell us? and WHY? HOW? So now when someone says, "oh, hey, all that hullaboo about DANGER DANGER TOSS YOUR BOTTLES? ...more

I have a difficult time with Stats, but I won't belabor that here.

The National ...more

The Effects of Plastic Exposure

The chemicals bisphernol-A and pthylates mimic estrogen, and can cause developmental problems in children and fetuses. These chemicals are found in specific types of plastics and it is not just plastic objects that are effected. ...more

Baby Bottles, BPA, and FDA Bad Behavior

Well, well, well. Would you believe the chairman of the FDA's bisphenol-a advisory panel may be in cahoots, kinda, sorta, with a not unbiased big-money donor? ...more

I guess they're not paying too much attention to our findings. I don't think this measure ...more

Can Baby Bottles Cause Heart Disease and Diabetes? How to Protect Yourself and Your Family.

A new study has linked Bisphenol-A (BPA) to heart disease and diabetes. Nevertheless, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is insisting that the chemical is fine for use in products like baby bottles and water bottles. BPA, an artificial sex hormone and plastics chemical that has produced irreversible damage in test animals, has been under fire from environmentalists, scientists, and, increasingly, concerned moms. ...more

Tips for Finding Safer Plastic Water Bottles and Baby Bottles

Recently the effects of BPA found in polycarbonate plastics like water bottles and baby bottles has been in the news because this harmful chemical can leach into the water. BPA, a hormone-mimicking chemical, is an endocrine disruptor. Finding safe water bottles and baby bottles for your children is a growing concern. ...more

Everything You Eat And Drink With Eventually Kill You

My husband is a bit of a worry wart when it comes to health risks, so I tend to not tell him about everything I read. Especially if it's something to do with research, because the amount of research out there is staggering and it is always possible to find a study that proves pretty much anything. When in doubt, I ask my doctor. For example, after I read that iron is a risk factor for heart disease, I asked if I should switch to a daily vitamin without iron. ...more