The Last Goat Standing.

 I’ve been trying to not write about goats all week. I wanted to write something inspiring about art and dressage. I’ve kind of been being a goat about it, truth be told. Stubborn. Headstrong. Ornery. But I know when I’m out-goated, so I’ll tell you about Joe....more

Retiring Baby: When Your Little One Grows Up

It's the night before the first day of school. Everyone's in good spirits, some more excited than others, but it's good enough. My youngest sat in bed, cuddling his little blue bear, “Baby.” I smiled as I remembered the first time I gave him that bear. He was a small guy, maybe three-years-old. He was going to bed and experiencing his typical nighttime anxiety, not wanting me to leave the room until he was fast asleep. I sat at the edge of his bed and picked up the little blue bear, and put it into his arms. He quickly cuddled it. ...more
This resonates with me having just kissed my baby girls goodbye at the school gates for their ...more


As I think back to memories I have from throughout my life it occurs to me that our eyes are like the shutter on a camera.  Just as the shutter exposes the film to light, our eye lids opening exposes our minds to the world around us.  Our eyes are our lens, and our mind is our memory card....more

Ex boyfriends you're still in love with suck

I just found out my ex whom which i'm still in love with ever since last year (almost every day has been a chore to get him out of my head even though i broke up with him) is putting in an offer today to buy a $200k house (he was kind enough to send me the link to see how awesome it is) and informed me he recently got back with his 23 yr old ex (they broke up for a few weeks) and suddenly at 34 has decided he is ready to settle down, start a family have some kids, is revenge bittersweet? Can you top that? I'm ready to throw up now, haha ...more