Goodbye, Peter Rabbit: Painting Over the Nursery

This summer, we are having a big ole bedroom switch-a-roo. Our boys are taking over the nursery and our girls are doing "big girl bedroom" makeovers. It is an exciting time for them and I love hearing them negotiate for furniture. "I'll see you that dresser and raise you for the black side table." I am looking forward to sharing their bedroom makeovers with you. Really.I.Am...Really. But, right now I am sentimental. I can't believe how quickly the "nursery" stage went. It has been a blink....more
I used to think that moving was a terrible inconvenience. I now think differently. I never had ...more

A Visit

Having my mom here was incredible. Her goals were of visiting, catching up and observing how we lived so we had no fantastic adventures planned. Collin and I took turns revealing our found treasures, showing off our improved French skills, and marveling at the immense feelings of comfort a single hug from my mom gives. We traveled to the neighboring cities of Grenoble, Annecy, and Lyon. I took my mom on all of my favorite hikes and we spent hours exploring the hills where I’ve found solace....more

Letting Go of The Crib

I was making my usual Mickey Mouse pancakes on a Sunday morning when it happened. I guess I was too distracted by the breakfast commotion to realize what was taking place upstairs. While I was busy attending to the specific requests of each child (milk in a pink princess cup to go with the pink plate for S and orange juice in a Lightening McQueen cup to go with the blue plate for T), my husband was already disassembling the crib in T’s room....more

My baby made me cry.

She basically disassembled and/or destroyed everything from my Christmas decorations to my vacuum cleaner today. It was unbelievable how speedily she flew around the first floor of this house, attacking it, like a parasite trying to eat her way out of the host body. *This is where I delete two paragraphs of useless ranting and details* ...more

The First Sleepover

Last night while the kids were eating dinner, my brother had just stopped by to hang out for a bit when the doorbell rang. It was my new favorite neighbors, the family with the twin girls in Gwen and Bella's grade, plus their younger sister, plus two cute little puppies. As soon as the door opened the neighbor twins, who were almost screaming they were so excited, started begging for a sleepover tonight. Within 10 seconds my two joined them and for some reason my brother started chirping in my ear to let them go. I think he saw my hesitation....more

Before Klout Scores and Stats: The Blogging Beginning

I was burning with things to say. I was sad. I was broken. Shattered and disappointed. I felt so alone. I could not have a child. So I sat at this computer and I typed. ...more
As a relatively new blogger, thank you for reminding me of the passion and what is so great ...more

Baby Steps become Milestones

“The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but on significance – and then eve...more

When head & heart collide.

Every morning, I lay in the dark with my face buried in my pillow, begging for just 5 more minutes of sleep while I plan out what I”m going to wear in my head.  What’s the weather like?  What fits?  Will I be on my feet today or behind the desk?  Grey slacks.  Camisole.  Purple argyle sweater.  Black flats.  Okay, let’s do this....more

He's Growing Up: The Harry Potter Betrayal

Being a mother is joyous.  And being a mother is heart-wrenching.  What's that quote?  Something like, "it's like having your heart walk around outside your body." A heart can get pretty abused that way. The first time they don't cry when you leave them with someone else.  The first time they drop your hand and run to catch up with a friend.  The first time they wax poetic about their favorite teacher/babysitter/other special adult with the same rapture that was previously reserved for you. Your heart breaks, just a little, with each milestone of independence and each snip of the apron strings. ...more

until my son is old enough for us to have a special thing. He's 21 only months now. Even right ...more

Why Bother Being A Good Parent At All?

I had a theory going into parenting: If I was, or at least acted like, the best parent ever, I would have the best behaved children ever. I told myself: I must model the behavior I seek. If I don’t want my children to grab, I don’t grab things out of their hands unless there is danger. If I want my children to be polite, I use please and thank you even when I want to scream a startling amount of curse words at them. I use a gentle voice and hands. I ask first. ...more

I think that it all comes down to doing the next right thing. Everything else seems to fall ...more