Vegan Black Bean Soup with Cilantro & Green Tabasco from Kalyn's Kitchen

The first time I made this Spicy Vegan Black Bean Soup with Cilantro and Green Tabasco, it wasn't vegan at all. But as we were eating the soup, my nephew Jake and I kept remarking on how we thought the soup would have been better without the ham, which kind of took over the spicy flavor we both loved. I didn't need any more encouragement to make this again as a vegan soup, perfect for Meatless Monday on my own blog. With all the flavors like garlic, cumin, oregano, cilantro, and green Tabasco sauce, I think this is the best black bean soup I've ever made, high praise from someone who loves black beans like I do. ...more
 @reasonableassumption I agree with Kalyn's approach -- I think there are those who would find ...more

Spicy black bean soup!

Yesterday and today my husband and I made this from scratch....more

Cuban Black Bean Soup

Today, I will be teaching the third in a series of soup classes to a group of seniors at our local community center. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the purpose of this soup series is to encourage seniors to cook more at home, rather than buy processed and artificial foods, which tend to be high in sodium and additives, and are often not as healthful as foods that can be prepared easily at home....more

Black Bean Soup: Something Easy to do in the Snow and Cold

Black bean or any other kind of soup, there's nothing better in the winter than a big bowl of soup, right?  The Accidental Locavore loves soup, thick and chunky, however almost anything hot will do when the temperature drops. And while there are soups like French onion, that take a long time, there are a lot of great quick soups like this black bean soup, that will really hit the spot in no time....more