Let's Ban Black Friday

I love Thanksgiving.  It has become my favorite holiday of the year.  It's the day that everyone takes off, spends time with family and/or friends, and eats lot of delicious food with wild abandon.  There's no pressure to bring gifts, no stress of decorating, no need to find the perfect party.  Just family, friends, and food....more
The "Black Friday" horrors  finally hit the United Kingdom yesterday - leading to violence in ...more

Spend Less Save More: Prep for Thanksgiving /Black Friday(Thursday?)

Countdown to Christmas 32 Days:  Prep for Thanksgiving/Black Friday (Thursday?)...more

Thanksgiving: Age 12

Thanksgiving is always at our house.Thanksgiving is watching Home Alone in the basement with the cousins, even though it’s technically a Christmas movie.Thanksgiving is Grandpa speaking German to the dog as he makes the gravy and she salivates from her rug. I haven’t yet taken my year of University German, but I’m old enough to notice a word that sounds like “shy-zah” is frequently repeated....more

Spend Less Save More: Do your Homework for Black Friday

Wednesday, November 20, 20132013 Countdown to Christmas 34 Days: Do your Homework for Black FridayWith Black Friday now just eight day s away, counting stores that are open Thanksgiving Day, doing your homework is important  to ensure you are making your money go as far as it can. Now have you decided if you will be using your 52 week challenge money and if so how much?...more

Online Small Business Owners: Want To Promote Your Black Friday Sales?

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales ads all over the place. (Well, really, now they’re Black Thursday ads.) As a small business(es) owner, I’d prefer to help promote other entrepreneurs.If you have a small business, and want me to include your business in my Thanksgiving night post, then leave a comment on my blog....more

A $5.00 Black Friday Toaster Is Not The Deal You Think It Is

Black Friday deals are an illusion perpetuated by a retail industry who believes they hold the reins when it comes to the American holiday shopper....more

FORGET Black Thursday.

My anger runs over this morning. You all know my love of everything Black FRIDAY. It's by far my favorite day of the year. However, this morning I saw on Facebook that a lovely woman who works in a department store will be working on Thanksgiving night. This woman has two small children. While you and I are laying around on the couch, stuffed and sleepy, this woman will be kissing her babies goodbye so she can be into work by 6pm on Thanksgiving night....more

Ca-Ching Go the Holidays! or Retail Ranting

As we enter the holiday season, I am more focused than ever on making sure that our family and friends know that what’s important to us is being together.  Period....more

15 Fun Family Activities for Black Friday

I have always been amazed at the way Americans clamber for a great deal the day after Thanksgiving. I mean, did we really just spent a holiday expressing gratitude for family, friends, health and all the other non-material blessings in our lives only to wake up 3am to score a cheap TV! That is just nuts....more
We don't usually go shopping on Black Friday. We had tons of fun making wacky videos, dancing ...more

Countdown to Christmas 32 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 32 Days and Counting   Being prepared for tomorrow black Friday or tonight’s midnight sales. ...more