Quick Fix

First things first. Yes, I went “Black Friday” shopping on Thursday–at Target to be specific. Do I regret it? No. Do I consider myself a selfish, ungrateful, self absorbed person? No. I simply went for one thing and got exactly what I’d been wanting for almost a year now; a DSLR. A Nikon D3200 that also happened to come with an extra lens for a very inexpensive price. I was beyond excited! Sure I happened to do a little Christmas shopping for the kiddo and parentals too; couldn’t hurt anything....more

The Aftermath

I cannot be the only one...who thinks the corporations that thought it was a good idea to make the day after Thanksgiving, the one day of the year that is synonymous with eating and drinking too much, the same day as the biggest shopping day of the year, are a group of evil masterminds. While thinking about these wicked geniuses I envisioned the consumer prepping for their Black Friday, I imagined it went something like this:...more

Call Me Crazy

I went shopping on Black Friday. And on Thanksgiving evening. I hadn’t really planned on doing any sale shopping this week, but then I remembered that last year we got Future President some great stuff at Janie and Jack the day after Thanksgiving, and this year, I had the added bonus of an additional coupon to be used with the Black Friday sale. So yesterday, I did some shopping online. Let’s just say Future President will be looking very dapper! ...more

Spend Less Save More: Countdown to Christmas 25 Days: Black Friday

Friday, November 29, 2013Countdown to Christmas 25 Days: Black Friday...more

Diary of Black Friday Hunter

This is a revised version of something I wrote several years ago. As I no longer have the means (or the babysitters) to go out in the wee hours of the morn, I am denied the hunt for the elusive deal. Based on reports from the field, and from the hubs who was acting as game warden at Target, my observations still ring true.As someone who cannot recall ever participating in the Black Friday ritual, I didn't understand why year after year people subject themselves to the insanity....more

Confessions of a former Black Friday shopper...

I used to get Good Friday and Black Friday confused. "Good" seemed an odd name for the Friday of Christ's death; "black" fit better. Mourning, sadness, depression. However, "good" seemed a perfectly obvious choice for shopping and sales.I am not going shopping on Black Friday. I am not.But I used to go -- religiously and strategically....more

Not just Black Friday, anymore?! Post-Thanksgiving Shopping on STEROIDS

No one appreciates a fantastic bargain like me, especially since I am on an extremely tight budget. Christmas will be coming around soon enough, and I have my children and a some others I must, I want to give a little something. Does that make me a consumerist? I don't know. I don't necessarily have to purchase more expensive, prepackaged goods, but I like to look....more

Spend Less Save More; Final Steps for Black Friday

Countdown to Christmas 28 Days:  Final Steps for Black FridayTomorrow should be a prep day for your Thanksgiving meal so today we will be concentrating on gathering the items you will need to save on Back Friday/Thursday.Print out your master must have list.Make an envelope for each store that lists your items and prices for that store and coupons. Make sure to put your limit for that store on the envelope as well this way you won’t go over your master budget.Keep your Smartphone loaded with free download apps like...more

Spend Less Save More: Take Advantage of Pre Black Friday Sales as Research

Countdown to Christmas 31 Days:  Take Advantage of Pre Black Friday Sales as Research...more

Let's Ban Black Friday

I love Thanksgiving.  It has become my favorite holiday of the year.  It's the day that everyone takes off, spends time with family and/or friends, and eats lot of delicious food with wild abandon.  There's no pressure to bring gifts, no stress of decorating, no need to find the perfect party.  Just family, friends, and food....more
The "Black Friday" horrors  finally hit the United Kingdom yesterday - leading to violence in ...more