Binge Shopping

I have never been crazy about shopping, basically because I can think of so many other fun things to do, but I must say after being bombarded with endless TV ads and on-line flash ads about Thanksgiving 10pm, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday sales. I think I will never go shopping again.Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to read Black Friday sales were up 7% over 2010, as reported in today’s USA. I also read about the women who used pepper spray on fellow shoppers for an Xbox. What makes a person hurt another for a toy?...more

Christmas Greed

     Hours after celebrating a day giving thanks for all we have, people trampled one another in their greed for more.  People left stores black and blue, battered, crying, terrified, and in one case, stepped over as he lay dying on the floor.      This is a sad commentary on one of the richest countries in the world.  In a world where most people live off less than a dollar a day, we each consume a cities worth of goods a day and throw away a feast because we have too much. ...more

Day 24-25, Disneyland and Black Friday

Tripped up by busy-ness, but Day 24 about Disneyland and Day 25 Black Friday = DOOM is up!

Buy nothing?

 Today is Buy Nothing Day- an international day of protest against consumerism celebrated annually just after American Thanksgiving. I bet you didn’t know that? ...more

Dear Black Friday Retailers...

Dear Black Friday Retailers...You disappoint me. I used to get up early. I mean, early, to shop with a friend. It was fun, exciting. Special.But this year you have invaded my holiday. Many of you have opened your doors at a ridiculous hour. Causing your employees to choose between sleeping or celebrating. All so you can line your pockets and your CEO's get a bonus.Will these hourly employees see a bonus? Will they even get a raise? Will the Seasonal Employees keep their jobs after the New Year? Prob'ly not....more

Black Friday

I am not a Black Friday fan.I think it’s mainly due to the fact that I am somewhat claustrophobic/agoraphobic and even seeing the crowds on TV spikes up my anxiety to unpleasant levels.   If someone wants to get up at 3 am and sit in the cold to wait for a “deal”, knock yourselves out.  Me, I’m going to stay in my nice warm bed and dream of cozy evenings in curled up with a book in front of a fire while snuggling in my wool Aran sweater and sipping from a mug of hot chocolate....more

It’s Not Only Shopping Day, it’s National Listening Day

Today is the National Day of Listening. Instead of standing in line to buy DVDs of movies you’ll never watch and eating stale mall pretzels, pull up a chair and tell a story and listen to a story. What is National Listening Day? Rather than answer that question, I’m going to defer to the person who informed me of National Listening Day this past Tuesday....more

a dip into the crazy...

Last night they had an early Black Friday at Wal-Mart.  Perfect for old ladies like me.  I only had to wait until 10 pm.  I went with my sister in law, the Teenager and ALL of Fort Payne.  Wow.  ...more
That just sounds scary yikes! But it would be nice to have a cartful of stuff for under seventy ...more

Black Friday? No Thanks. Just Black Coffee with Cream and Time with Family

Sounds like the perfect coffee! Enjoy your Friday :)more