You Might, You Might Not: Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals

Are you more excited about relaxing with your friends and family over turkey and football or elbowing your competition (literally or virtually) out of the way for the last Twilight boxed set? If you're surfing the web for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, here's a round-up. Leave your additions in the comments. ...more

How to Keep Black Friday Spending Under Control

I did Black Friday one time. It was a year when we had Thanksgiving in Kansas City without my husband's family for the one and only time I think we've done that since we got married -- we were broke, broke, broke that year, too broke to take a car ride/cheap hotel Thanksgiving roadie, and I was willing to try anything to stretch my holiday dollars farther. I got some good deals, but I also threw up in my mouth a few times at people's behavior, so now I try to avoid Black Friday at all costs. However, I am not going to judge anyone who wants to do it. So let's talk about how to do it best! ...more


Just got an email from my credit card company asking me to pledge to “shop small” this holiday season. My first thought was that this is a clever way to endear people like me: you won’t catch me lining up outside WalMart at 5 a.m. to fill my cart.On closer reading, however, the company wants to reward you for…spending money. That’s right: show your support of the anti-Black Friday crowd by buying something.On the face of it, you support the community by “spending small.” Just plunk down $25 on your credit card to be part of the cool crowd....more

Poor Thanksgiving! :(

A Life Full of Days......more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Get Social and Sell!

With the holidays soon approaching, everyone is gearing up for the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, offers lucrative savings to entice people to hit the stores and buy gifts for Christmas or other holidays. Cyber Monday has also become increasingly popular since people can find what they need all with the clicks of a few buttons....more

Why, Why, Why: Lil' Kim Beheads Nicki Minaj on Black Friday Cover

During an interview in November, Nicki Minaj called rapper Lil’ Kim a “has been” -- among other things. Clearly Kim isn’t taking the jab well. On the cover of her new mixtape Black Friday, released on Valentine's Day, is an image of a beheaded and dismembered Minaj in a pool of blood with an obviously victorious Kim holding a bloody sword. ...more

Hip hop hasn't been the same since the days of YoYo, Salt and Pepa and Latifah. Line crossed. ...more

Black Friday Temptations: U.S. Toy Safety Standards

Late Night Foray Laugh if you will (and I can almost guarantee you will by the end of this story), but I decided to brave the cold and go out to Toys R Us when it opened at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving night....more

In line on Black Friday

Everyone seems to have a “Guess what happened to me while waiting in line at Target?” story after their nocturnal foray into bargain shopping. “I met this Chinese guy and before long there were 4 of him. They were all smiling and happy to be in America. Laughing. Nodding, Polite. Minutes before the store opened it is transformation time. No longer interested in me, they whip out walkie talkies and heatedly test them, in Mandarin. The doors opened and they were gone. I mean gone, in 4 different directions....more

Cyber Monday! Times a tick'in!

Let the festivities begin! Our middles are a bit swollen from the Thanksgiving food-fest that went on this past Thursday. And if you, like us, had family that lingered well into the weekend then you too continued to stuff more than the turkey! As Thanksgiving gave way to “Black Friday”, the traditional brick and mortar retail sales extravaganza, we made the decision to steer clear in favor of “Cyber Monday.” “Cyber Monday” is TODAY, a day where you can enjoy a bevy of discounts from the comfort of your own home....more

Parent and child. Circle of hypocrisy.

Home from hours and hours of cleaning up the kids section at work. Why do kids not clean their rooms? I will tell you for free. They just act like mommy while she is shopping and elbowing other moms in the face to save $2.00 on a spongebob t-shirt little John Smith is going to wear once.If only the holiday spirit could be bought in stores....more