5 Tips for a Smooth Transition to Luscious, Natural Hair

We're wrapping up our 3-day mini series on natural hair as provided by Curls Understood. I hope you learned a little something about showing your tresses some much needed TLC. If you're new to the natural hair process, these are the perfect tips for you on how best to navigate your journey. ...more
Great article Olivia; lots of helpful information here! :-)more

Black Women, White Women, and Natural Hair

The burn of a relaxer on my tender scalp.The hiss of the hot comb against my untamed roots.The fear of moisture in all of its iterations: rain, sweat, ocean.The anguish of getting the most minor trim because length--not health--was paramount.These are the memories I carry of the never-ending battle to hide the state of my kinky hair. It's an experience belonging to sisters all over the globe, this fight to make our hair submit to societal standards of what is acceptable and proper....more
Ellen Shaffer AS a fellow Jewish woman I thought you might find my blog interesting, my first ...more

BC or Long-Term Transitioning - Which Route to Take?

Going Natural is a wonderful journey to take.  It's a personal one too that each woman must determine how she will go about doing it.  I get tired of many saying the journey is hard, long and full of pitfalls but honestly, isn't life?  I'm just feeling we need to be truthful about going Natural and taking care of our hair whether relaxed or Natural....more
Hello, I'm a new follower. Great post! I must say that I am a fan of the BC. But, I keep my ...more

Positive or Negative: Dark and Lovely's Au Naturale


Relax… Just act Natural

 I just put the kids in the bed and decided to flat iron my hair for work tomorrow. A process I have a love hate relationship with for sure. Then I began to think about my hair styling options, maybe it’s time for a change. I have never been one to jump on any fashion or style bandwagon. Things change too quickly for my taste and the last few years there seems to be a mass transition to sistas going natural. Trolling around on message boards and blogs folks seem to have strong opinions-even biases about our hair. ...more

Good Hair and Disappointing Black Bloggers

Apparently, to be a proud black woman who is not ‘self-hating on herself’, my hair should be as natural as God made it and remain so until He and I meet to discuss the matter. (Which, frankly, would be preferable to picking over my many sins while on His earth.)So said an interesting dissertation in the HMS HerMelness HQ postbag last week....more
I Don’t hold grudges. Happy people understand that it’s better to forgive and forget than to let ...more

Proteins: A Necessity for Our Natural Hair

Does our hair NEED protein? Of course it does! Products infused with protein improve the hair’s natural elasticity and strength properties. Now, how much and how often depends on what you are doing to your hair... (Origin)...more
Love this post!! As my hair is heavily highlighted so protein is super important to strengthen ...more

From Shiny Hair to Kinky Hair - It's All Beautiful

Hair is pretty serious business...both commercially and personally. I wouldn't even say that our culture's obsession with hair is specific to women...or to a specific culture. Men and women across cultures want to have and maintain a healthy head of beautiful hair. However, the challenge for African American women holds a few special challenges because of our history and many of our misconceptions about beauty....more

Being Afro in a Straight World:'You look like a black power to the people person'

 Fall of 2005 I started thinking about what I would look like if I were to wear my hair natural. And I had a flashback…....more