Healthy HairJourney Post 2

thank you very much girl :) I'm working to create a Hair Care/Beauty Blog! for everything I do ...more

Black Hair in the Workplace

Question: Should something as variant as a hairstyle compromise a career?Before you answer, check out this article I wrote for the We Magazine for Women website: Natural Or NOT? I intentionally submitted the article there (to a predominately Caucasian website) because I think it's an relevant conversation to have across the cultures....more

African American Summer Hair Care Tips

It’s finally summer time and you are probably ready to have some fun in the sun! ...more

The "Good Hair" Debate and Feeling Good

Nina Simone sang one of my favorite songs ever: "Feelin' Good". It's an anthem for women, I believe, to look at what they've got and being happy with it. As much as I'm not happy with parts of my life I know that feeling good about myself starts on the inside. The more I feel good about myself on the inside the more I glow on the outside. ...more

Regardless of the color, or the texture, or the length - good hair is HEALTHY hair.more