What Black History Month Could Be

It’s Black History Month and my daughter, like a lot of kids, will learn about the basics – the very basics: Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Dred Scot – and of course, MLK. I’m grateful for this annual spotlight, but I can’t help but think how that approach narrows Black History to people who lived within slavery and civil rights demonstrations....more
Black history is American history and it should be taught in all of the schools. Because people ...more

10 Museums in the U.S. Focused on African American History

If you know your history, then you would know where you're coming from.- Bob Marley, Buffalo Soilder...more

Changing the Lessons of Black History Month

It’s Black History Month. I have to admit, it hasn’t always been a month I looked forward to. As a kid, I went to school in at a predominantly white public school. Out of 80 kids in my class, I believe there were about 10 African Americans. And that’s including me. Every single year, during the month of February, slavery was the central focus of teaching Black History Month. I hated it....more

Beyoncé's Formation That My Daughters Need

Beyoncé dropped that fire... I mean for a while I was NOT a fan. But I guess it's time I dust off my Bey Hive wings and glitter crown because she came out the woodworks with a mean black power trap banger.  I won't lie, I once thought Bey was vapid and aloof and not paying attention in her glass tower; apparently I was wrong. She let everybody know that #blackgirlmagic is real. ...more
Yes Ma'am!more

Black Girls Got The Juice

Hey y'all! I'm BACK!  I know, I know it's been far too long but I am so glad to be back on the heels of yet another glorious Beyonce performance....more

Saying Goodbye to Black History Month

I'm totally ashamed to admit that I had no clue about the Selma Voting Rights March until this month. Clearly I'm the poster child for why we need themed "history" months in America. ...more

Pulling into History...

The Pullman Historic District neighborhood, a center of Chicago’s progressive black middle and working class population in the 19th and 20th Centuries, is declared a United States National Monument....more

Black History Month: Living American History Through My Family Tree

Like many, I grew up hearing stories about my family's history. I have a few ancestors whose stories live in history books and who are studied by scholars to this day. There are institutions and organizations named for them. These family stories provide a perfect example of how African American history is American history and another reason why Black History Month still matters. ...more
I loved reading this, Maria.  I'm always impressed when people know their family's stories and ...more

10 Black Women Writers to Read for Black History Month

Beyond America's beloved Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker, Audre Lourde, Zora Neale Hurston, Gwendolyn Brooks and Octavia Butler or other such notable Negress author names who have had cultural resurgences and media prominence through the magic of our digital Internet age along with academics' scholarship, many other black American author women gave us significant bodies of work from which to learn and enjoy. ...more
Thank you Miss! We'll keep these ladies' works alive :)more

Recognizing the Legacy of Women During Black History Month

Growing up, two prominent figures were frequently highlighted during Black History Month: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and Frederick Douglass. I always remember wondering: where are the Black women in all this?...more