Honoring Black History Month - By Waking Up White

“That workshop is for people of color.” I once got this response to a workshop on racism I had planned, from a white colleague at a national conference. Confession: I’m white, and used to think that way too – that anything specifically about race was targeted to people of color. Until I started to venture into discussions on racism. I quickly learned that talking, and doing something about, racism is, in fact, a white problem. This was mind-bending....more

Don't Miss the Documentary on Alice Walkers' Life, Activism and Art on PBS 'American Masters'

This weekend, author and activist Alice Walker will celebrate her 70th birthday.  An American Masters showing of a documentary exploring her life and work premieres on PBS tonight, sharing the remarkable story of Walker's early life as a sharecropper's daughter, through her awakening as an artist and an activist, and on to through her contemporary written work and controversial global advocacy.  ...more
Alice Walker is a known and vocal anti-Semite. This makes it more difficult to admire or see her ...more

My History as a Racist

Racist is just another word for ignorant.And ignorant I surely was when many, many years ago, I penned an angry, snarky column for my college newspaper that criticized affirmative action. Raised in a NJ community where the high school was 99.99% white, I was so clearly an expert on what it meant to be a minority.As news director of my college radio station, I selected a panel of my hardest working newscasters for the student government debate. Then one got bumped and replaced by a representative from what was then called the Black Student Union. ...more

Race Roundtable: Who is Black History Month Really For?

February is Black History Month. What was started in 1915 as a one-day event to celebrate the progress made by African Americans since the abolishment of slavery has grown to be a month during which the general public was reminded of Black people, notably people like Sojourner Truth or George Washington Carver. ...more
Sorry--jumped the gun.  Whites are always the perpetrators of "racism" and blacks always the ...more

Black History Month ProFile Friday: Barbara Brandon-Croft

Barbara Brandon-Croft (born 1958) is an American cartoonist. She was the first black woman cartoonist nationally syndicated in the mainstream press....more

Black History Month Isn't Just About Slavery or the Civil Rights Movement

Some wonder if it’s still necessary to designate a special month to celebrate Black History Month. Yes, it’s still necessary. Mostly because there’s not much of a celebration going on as far as I can tell, but rather an education of the same old Black History facts that the same old teachers have been teaching to the same old students....more
It's grammatically correct to say and / or write "AN" Historian. :) Name calling is the last ...more

My Nude is not your Nude

Poems For Black History Month!

Nobody Knows The South  like I know the south the wet and grimy Soul of the Mississippi South…   Nobody knows The South like I know the south honeysuckle smells in fresh country air…   ...more