We Will Survive-Trumpism

 Remember the I will survive lyrics from Gloria Gaynor? I will attempt to explain why parts of her lyrics matters to Black people during the upcoming Trump era.Food...more

Ser Negro En Cuba

Cuba is a mecca for African culture. Although it’s significantly smaller than Brazil, it is one of the pinnacles of the historical preservation of  the customs, languages, and religions of the Africans brought to this hemisphere by the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Los negros de Cuba posesan un orgullo de ser negro que es incomparable a todos de los latinos en la diaspora. Sin embargo, la condición de la negritud viene con un precio alto. Cuba has always had a tempestuous past with its black citizens even after slavery ended in 1886....more

Steal Your Soul

Check out www.aworknprogress.com for more!!!The other week we (mama, my 2 younger girl cousins, and I) ventured to New York Citayyy to see the Broadway musical Memphis. Set in the 1950s, it’s loosely based on Dewey Phillips one of the first white DJs to play Black music during that era. Aside from the story being a little formulaic, it was a good time....more

Being Afro in a Straight World:'You look like a black power to the people person'

 Fall of 2005 I started thinking about what I would look like if I were to wear my hair natural. And I had a flashback…....more

Part of the Problem

This week I was having a conversation with one of my new friends, which went something like this: ...more

Oh, Dakota.

That is how I feel every day. ...more