Black Swan

I’ve always enjoyed Natalie Portman and her creative choices as an artist. ...more

Black Swan - A Feather In Your Toe Shoes

When you walk away from seeing Black Swan you don’t leave empty handed. Darren Aronofsky makes sure your soul has been stuffed if you have dined on a Black Swan for your Thanksgiving meal. ...more

What Do Academy Awards Have to Do With Women's History Month?

No, I’m not talking about Melissa Leo’s use of that other-than-feminism “f-bomb” Sunday night. I want to compare two of this year’s Oscar winners and how they illustrate the way women’s history is told -- or not. ...more

Gloria--love the post and I am a big fan. Even met you years ago as a speaker at a Planned ...more

Graceful Black Swan

The graceful Black Swan deserves an Oscar too because its intensity, and the psychological inside of every part that had us read between the lines to figure out what was real, and what was part of the figment of the made up identity, that had all of us biting our nails with the fear of becoming one of her....more

Share with us who's your favorite for tomorrow night's Oscars...

And if you are voting for ...more

"Fat" Ballerinas & The Black Swan Diet: Don't Let The Times Set the Tone

He seems to think his hands are tied, it's just the way ballet is, it's not his fault Ringer doesn't look the way he wants her to. Okay, Macaulay. You're right. Ballerinas should be skeletal or their art is not worth watching. And basketball players have to be eight feet tall and writers should be old white men and musicians should never, ever be deaf. Poor Macaulay, you see, he's just doing his job. ...more
I get so tired of people insisting that bigger women can't be beautiful or great for certain ...more